Abomination of Desolation

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Posted: February 18, 2022.
Updated May 9, 2022.

This article will be a word study on the abomination of desolation, the daily sacrifice, and the holy place using the Strong’s Concordance, the Interlinear bible and the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary. It will also cover a study on the timeline of these events.

Timeline of Events

For 1260 days, two witnesses prophecy under duress (are rejected by the world) but with God’s protection (Rev. 11).

The “daily” is “taken away” first, THEN 1290 days later, the abomination that makes desolate is “set up.”

Blessed is he who reaches day 1335. ~Daniel 12:11-12.


Daniel 1:5 explains “the daily” were food provisions provided by the king to nourish those whom he fed so they might one day be able to stand before him. Under the new covenant, Jesus is the King, His body is the bread, and the daily “food” is the Holy Spirit and Truth.

The daily is taken away first on day 1 — this is the day that Jesus’ body, the bread, was taken away at the cross. Daniel 8:11-14 says that when the daily was taken away, the place of his sanctuary (His body) was cast down (killed; removed). So Jesus experienced a transgression of desolation during the old covenant which was a foreshadow of the desolation to come during the new covenant.

30 days later, the two witnesses/the church begin their protected 1260 day prophecy (see the article “**Warning!** The Two Witnesses”). 1260 symbolizes the entire gospel era/church age from the cross to the time that the abomination of desolation is set up.

Throughout the bible, the number 3/30 symbolizes the witness of God’s will/His Trinity. We see Jesus appearing (giving witness) on the earth during these 30 days after His resurrection (He was here for a total of 40 days after the resurrection – 4 symbolizes universality and 40 is the number of trial in the bible).

The 30 days here seems to be the time from Jesus’ death on the cross (the taking away of the daily/His physical body) to The Great Commission when He commanded the disciples to preach and testify, and all the prophets should bear witness of Him (Acts 10:42-43).

So the 1260 church age — the days of the prophecy of the Revelation 11 two witnesses — began with the giving of The Great Commission.

The end of the two witnesses’ protection will be the end of the church age and will be 1290 days from when the daily was taken away.

Day 1290 is the set up of the abomination that makes desolate which is the last stage of the reign of Antichrist when he is finally allowed by God to wage war against the saints/two witnesses and prevail (see the articles “God Created Evil” and “The Two Witnesses”). There is no warning before this period of time — we are told when we see it, we will know it, and are to run without even going back into our homes for anything (Matthew 24:15-18).

There are 45 days from the set up to the end of the desolation. These 45 days are the hour when the 10 kings in Revelation 17:12 will rule with the Antichrist. They will desolate the false Christianity harlot/Mystery Babylon during this time (Rev. 17:16). This is also the 42 months that the gentiles/unbelievers will trample on God’s temple/the two witnesses/spiritual Israel (Rev. 11:2).

This period of 45 days coincides with the 3 1/2 days that the witnesses lie dead in the streets. These 3 1/2 days appear to be a literal 3 1/2 years (a day is sometimes a year – Numbers 14:33-34a, Ezekiel 4:4-6), which is the 42 month unhindered reign of Antichrist, the last 3 1/2 years of earth’s history before the last day events begin.

Day 1335 will be the day that the martyred church/the two witnesses ascend into heaven (Rev. 11:12-13), and the living righteous will be filled with smoke by God to hide them during the third woe/God’s wrath on the wicked (Revelation 15:8). Right after the ascension of the two witnesses, there is a great earthquake which is the buried dead in Christ rising to ascend in the clouds with the martyred two witnesses (see the article “**Warning!** The Two Witnesses”). Note: The first sealing of the two witnesses/the church came with their receiving the Holy Spirit baptism for the gospel era. This protection was lifted during the period of the abomination that desolates. The church will be protected/sealed again for the third woe which is God’s wrath.

The ascension of the two witnesses (the physically dead) does happen on the last day, but it does not correlate with the exact second of Jesus’ Second Coming because it happens at the end of the second woe with the third woe/God’s wrath/7 plagues-vials still remaining. However, this third woe will begin “immediately after” the second woe is past (Matthew 24:29) which means the ending of the second woe is the beginning of the events of the last day. At the last day, the dead in Christ will rise first, and there are not 2 ascensions of the righteous dead recorded in the bible (1 Thessalonians 4:16).

The living righteous will remain on the earth, protected, during the 7 plagues and 7 vials which are God’s wrath on the wicked. With the righteous dead removed and the righteous living sealed and protected, God keeps His promise to His children that we will NEVER experience His wrath (only His correction and discipline).

After the last 7 plagues and vials are poured out, the living will be caught up to Christ when He comes in the clouds with a great shout to start the Battle of Armageddon with Gog (Antichrist/Satan) and Magog (the wicked and their dwelling place of darkness).

See this article for details: Events of Earth’s Last Age.

So we see that day 1335 is the last day which starts with the ascension of the martyred witnesses and the righteous dead, followed by the 7 last plagues, the second coming of Christ, the Battle of Armageddon, the great white throne judgment and casting of the wicked into the lake of fire, and all former things having passed away; in that order. Remember, a day is sometimes a year or a thousand/an age in the bible.

Numbers in Scripture are Symbolic

The bible does not state “1260, 1290, 1335,” but rather reads the following:

  • A thousand two hundred three score days. -Revelation 11:3.
  • A thousand two hundred and ninety days. -Daniel 12:11.
  • THE thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. -Daniel 12:12.

In the Greek new testament, the word “thousand” is a noun if it does not have a derivative in front of it, like one thousand, two thousand, etc. This means “thousand” is an age and not an actual measurable period of time. The numbers discussed here in Daniel are from the old testament Hebrew, but they are also a noun, same as the Greek in Revelation. For more info on age-thousand and one-thousand, see my article “Millennial Reign – The Thousand Years.”

  • 1260 = The age of the Gospel Era (preaching/The Great Commission).
  • 1290 = The church age from the cross to the abomination that desolates.
  • 1335 = The age of the last day events that begins with the ending of the desolation.

There is also a very interesting teaching on these numbers on The Rock of Offence YouTube channel: “Abomination of Desolation: The Symbolic Meaning of 3 1/2 times, 1290 days and 1335 Days”

The 2300 in Daniel 8

So as not to be overlooked, I will address the other mysterious number in the book of Daniel.

Daniel 8:14 reads “…Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. “

We have a “two” in front of the “thousand” — the word “thousand” here is a dual number, denoting two. Everyone has their own interpretation of this number, and they vary widely.

If taken literally, this number would be 6.38 years on the Hebrew calendar, or 2,300 years (a day is sometimes a year or a thousand). Neither of these fit any biblical or historical account of events, so this number seems to be symbolic as well.

Daniel received this vision of the Medo-Persia ram being overtaken by the Greecian goat while in the 3rd reign of Belshazzar of Babylon — this was around 542-539 B.C., right before Babylon fell to Cyrus of Persia. But in all of my online research, it says that Belshazzar never became king, so here is yet another account of thwarting our actual history.

When carefully reading all of chapter 8, I do believe the 2300 days are the time from Daniel’s vision to the cross in 30-33 A.D. since it is the blood of Jesus that cleanses God’s temple. This is my first of two interpretations of “unto two thousand three hundred days.”

The little horn that came up out of a former Greecian kingdom was an old testament foreshadow of the future new testament antichrist who will come from the same region (modern-day Turkey or Syria). We see the old testament Gog/antichrist residing in the land of Magog in Ezekiel 38:2. The new testament Gog and Magog are seen in Revelation 20:8.

So my second interpretation of the 2300 days is that the dual thousand is 2 ages of time: 1) Old covenant/old testament age, and 2) New covenant/new testament age. Both ages end with God’s people being trampled underfoot by Gog the antichrist and his people in Magog, then God destroying the wicked.

Abomination of Desolation Word Study

Daniel 12:11

“…the abomination that maketh desolate…”

Abomination here in the old testament is H8251. It means disgusting, filthy, detestable.

In Webster’s, filthy is defined as “unclean, foul.”

Desolate here is H8074 and means to stun, grow numb.

1828 Webster’s defines desolate as “stripped of inhabitants; destroyed; laid waste; in a ruinous condition.”

Stun is defined as “to strike or to stop; to blunt.”

Numb is defined as “to make torpid; to deprive of the power of sensation or motion; to deaden; to stupefy.”

Physical application: So we have the filth (injectable toxins? Frankenfoods? chemical spraying?) that makes numb (cognitive and spiritual impairments?). Or the detestable (frequency weapons? guillotines? camps?) that strikes (imprisons? disables?) or stops (kills?).

Spiritual application: The detestable filth is false Christianity — the false doctrines, idolatry, worship of self, and disguised pagan sun god worship in our church houses. This makes desolate which means many members have turned their hearts from Christ and are knowingly or unknowingly serving the false gods of Mystery Babylon.

Matt. 24:15 & Mark 13:14

“…the abomination of desolation…”

In new testament Greek, abomination here is G946 which means “a detestation.”

Detestation is defined as “strong dislike or extreme hatred; abhorrence.”

Desolation is G2050 which means despoliation.

Despoliation is defined as “the act of despoiling, a stripping, a plundering.”

So this translation from the Greek could be read as “the extreme hatred of the act of despoiling,” or “the abhorrence of the plundering.”

The 1828 Webster’s Dictionary defines plundering as “pillaging; robbing.” Pillaging is “plundering; stripping.” Stripping is defined as “Pulling off; peeling; skinning; flaying; depriving; divesting; husking.”

Matthew 12:25

“…to desolation…”

Desolation here is G2049 which means “to lay waste.”

We see the Greek translation of TO desolation means to lay waste.

But the Greek translation OF desolation is the act of despoiling, stripping, plundering. To desolation is the result of the act.

Strong’s mentions the word “idol” here, but says of it and the word “desolation” that they are “being IMPLIED, by implication, figuratively.” In other words, nothing in the original text means the desolation has anything to do with tangible idols but rather in people’s worship of the world. We know the desolation does not happen to a pagan Jewish brick building, but to the holy place.

“The Holy Place” Word Study

Matthew 24:15-16

Holy is G40. It means “a thing + sacred” or “a sacred thing.” Strong’s states “an awful thing,” but that word “awful” is in italics which means it isn’t in the original text — they just threw that word in there to make it look like a pagan brick temple and not God’s spiritual temple within the hearts of His redeemed.

Place is G5117. It means “a spot.” This is referring to our hearts where God writes His laws. God says He will never again dwell in a temple made with hands (Acts 7:48).

Mountains here is G3735 which is from the root word meaning “to rise.” The 1890 Strong’s gives the example meaning “as lifting itself above the plain” — this is metaphorical for overcoming which we do in Christ Jesus. We see that this is all spiritual.

Judaea, G2449, is feminine form of “a country + an Israelite/person.” So Judaea here is a people not a place. The people are spiritual Israel who is the bride/the church (see my article “God’s Chosen People”).

God’s temple is in the hearts of the redeemed which are our bodies (1 Corinthians 3:16-17). The Antichrist will do some act (or acts) of despoiling that will “stun or grow numb” God’s people. This could be a forced chemically-induced spiritual numbing, use of frequency weapons, or physical death.

The study I did here, when considered in combination with Dr. Walter Veith’s teachings, have moved me to better care for my mind’s cognitive abilities through the foods I consume (here are two of Dr. Veith’s wonderful teachings on this subject: YouTube. Rumble). “Frankenfood” is an actual card in the 90’s Illuminati Card Game and could play a huge role in using chemicals “to numb.”

“The Daily” Word Study

The daily sacrifice is not mentioned at all in Revelation, but in Daniel. Before we can address the daily, we have to clear up the deception behind the word sacrifice.

Daniel 8:11, 12, 13, 11:31, 12:11 mentions the phrase “the daily sacrifice.” That word sacrifice is italicized in the KJV bible because it is not mentioned in the original text. In the 1890 first edition Strong’s Concordance, the italicized word “sacrifice” is denoted with an asterisk (*) and not with the Hebrew word numbered 2077. Why? BECAUSE THE WORD IS NOT THERE IN SCRIPTURE — it was added by men.

Daniel 9:27 is the only verse where the word “sacrifice” is not italicized. This is because it is referring to the actual physical animal sacrifices and brick-temple oblations that ceased with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ — He put an end to physical animal sacrifices and actual brick temple oblations.

So we see that “a daily” something will be taken away from the church/Christ’s bride, but not an end times physical sacrifice of anything (animals or otherwise). This twisting of words by the translators of the bible is just another deception to replace God’s true temple — us — with some bricks.

Daniel 11:31The daily here is referring to a future event for Daniel (which was the death and resurrection of Jesus). It is H8548 and is from the root word that means “to stretch.” Strong’s defined it as “continuance” or “indefinite continuance.”

Daniel 1:5 explains that the daily were food provisions that nourished the people so they may one day be able to stand before the king. Jesus, our King, told us His body is the bread (Matthew 26:26-28). The physical body of Christ was removed from the earth — this is the taking away of the daily that did happen first.

The taking away of the bride’s daily
The body of Jesus was the daily that was taken away first, but former events in scripture frequently foreshadows a future event.

The word “resurrection” in the Greek is anastasis and means “to come to life after dying.” This word is a feminine gender so is talking about the resurrection of the bride of Christ which is the Church. We die daily when we take up our cross (Luke 9:23, 1 Corinthians 15:31). This means that we, the church, the bride, must resurrect daily — it has been this way throughout the entire church age. So the desolation that “stuns” or “grows numb” God’s people in the end of days may be something of a physical nature that prevents our spiritual ability to die to self and resurrect through obedience to God and His Holy Spirit. Something (or many somethings) will have the redeemed in a ruinous condition and that doesn’t necessarily mean a physical death… they will be “made numb,” that is “deprived of the power of sensation or motion; deadened; stupefied.”

The Physical Becomes Spiritual in Christ

Even though the bread of Jesus’ body was removed, the cup was not. The cup is the blood of Christ which is the promise of the covenant (Matthew 26:26-28). Under the new covenant, God sent us the Comforter which is the Holy Spirit, so God’s children still receive their spiritual daily indefinite continuance of provision (John 16:7, 15:26, 14:16 & 26). While Jesus was taken away at the cross, His act of physical sacrifice is the reason the Holy Spirit baptism came on Pentecost.

The daily Holy Spirit provision which is Truth was never in the ancient church of Roman Catholicism — it was founded on idolatry and is the worldly antichrist spirit disguising itself as righteousness (see the article “Identification of Antichrist, False Prophet & Mystery Babylon”). It is the mother of harlots and she has many children who have brought false Christianity into the top tier of all religious denominations, and it’s slowly trickling its way down to the individual members.

We see this spiritual “taking away of the daily” (slowly removing the Truth) continuing in church houses throughout the entire church age. Church houses are where the deceptive synagogue of Satan has done their best work (see my article “Seven False Teachers in the Church”). Half of the virgins (church) had lamps (light/the gospel) but were foolish (distracted; believing false doctrines) and did not keep up with their oil (the Holy Spirit — commune with God and Christ through His Holy Spirit and His Word) and Jesus shut the door on them (Matthew 25:1-13).

In Closing

Thank you for reading over my study notes. I pray they helped in some way. God bless you and your study of His awesome inspired word!

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