Antichrist Beasts in Revelation Include the 7 Churches

Author: Michele at ScriptureStudy.Guide
Posted: October 30, 2022
. Updated January 17, 2023.

The more I study my bible, the more I clearly see that the apostate churches/religions are the 7 heads/kingdoms/cities on the Antichrist Sea Beast. The entire bible is warning the true church of apostasy within it, and God warns the harlot church that they must “Come out of her my people” if they are to avoid committing her sins and receiving His wrath and damnation (God’s people WILL come out of her — those remaining are not His ekklesia). All of scripture supports the spiritual condition of God’s elect being His top concern, and I believe this is reflected in the Jewish-Roman Antichrist Beasts.

The Churches are Antichrist?

Yes and no, depending on how one defines “church.” The TRUE CHURCH is the spiritually-renewed hearts of the redeemed which includes a minority of individuals within the incorporated church houses. The TRUE Church is the ekklesia and is not seen on the antichrist beast.

Man-made religions and their incorporated houses are the problem.

The majority of church house members are following idolatrous and worldly ways which stem from the antichrist spirit which has been on earth since the serpent was seen in the garden. This is primarily worship of self, and sun and moon god worship from:

  1. Egypt
  2. Assyria/Arabs
  3. Canaan/Fallen Israel & Judah
  4. Babylon
  5. Media-Persia
  6. Greece
  7. Jewish-Rome

Around 50 AD, Paul explains to the Thessalonians in 2 Thessalonians 2 that apostasy is already working in the church, and the man of sin (the “head” antichrist out of many) will reveal himself at a later time (see the study Who is the Restrainer and Man of Sin?).

The 7 churches are represented by the cities that John delivered Jesus’ Revelation to in the early- to mid-60’s AD (details here) — these are listed in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 (see Rev. 2-3 on BibleGateway here). You will see that 5 of the churches are being rebuked by Jesus because they have fallen into apostate ways. Of the 2 churches who were in God’s way in the 60’s AD – Smyrna and Philadelphia – both of them contained the Synagogue of Satan within their membership.

All churches of all time are born out of these original 7 churches who were addressed by Jesus Christ Himself through John. Every modern-day church house has members in it that are the types of members that were present in the 7 churches in Revelation. All the churches were turning apostate, and this apostasy has only worsened through the centuries, becoming almost unrecognizable in our modern-day society. Today’s church houses look like and participate in the things of Babylon (details here and here).

The 7 cities that contained these first 7 “mother churches” are included within the 7 Heads/mountains/capitol cities on the antichrist beast. These church houses were and are infiltrated by the evil spirit powers that were/are behind earth’s kingdoms. The purpose of antichrist is to fool those who call themselves Christians…. Satan already owns the lost who deny Christ Jesus or who don’t obey His commandments.

Paul assures the Thessalonians that they should not worry about the apostasy within the Church because they are in Christ as individuals and no longer as a collective with the group. HOWEVER, the problem for most people today is that they do not know God’s truths like Paul did who taught them to God’s elect. Church houses today twist doctrines and withhold truths from their members. When you add that to the fact that most people do not study their bibles, then we have church members being “falsely converted” and unknowingly practicing modern-day idolatry (see How Satan is Deceiving You). Satan does his best and hardest work within church houses (see Seven False Teachers in the Church).

The book of life was written and the works were finished from the foundation of the kosmos/world (Revelation 13:8, Hebrews 4:3). As God’s called-out people, we seek out His word for us so we will remain in His will.

Quick Note About This Study

As you read the following information, please read each sentence slowly and form an image in your mind before moving on, or none of this will make any sense. Completely understand each sentence before moving on to the next sentence. IT’S IMPORTANT TO MAKE THE ASSOCIATIONS in your mind to understand the spiritual messages that God is conveying to us. Remember that His is a SPIRITUAL kingdom. Pray for understanding and discernment.

We can all observe that Satan works in the world through politics and religion, and this is primarily spiritual warfare. Here is a solid starting off point for this study:

  • Beasts = Spiritual powers / Satan
  • Heads = Religion
  • Horns = Politics
  • The sum-total is the world ruling empire — mankind powered by Satan.

Satan is reigning the worldly

Satan was cast down to the earth after his rebellion which was BEFORE our current creation (source: this 3-minute video) — he was only restrained at the cross, not cast out of heaven at the cross.

Genesis 1:2 tells us that BEFORE creation, there was darkness, a wasted, destroyed “firm” (earth), and waters that were already here (explanation is here).

We know the Spirit (Jesus Christ) moved over the waters BEFORE creation. ALL was created unto Jesus Christ:

because in him were the all things created, those in the heavens, and those upon the earth, those visible, and those invisible, whether thrones, whether lordships, whether principalities, whether authorities; all things through him, and for him, have been created,

Colossians 1:16 (YLT – Young’s Literal Translation)

BEFORE our current creation, God created the darkness (Isaiah 45:7).

On day 1, God said “let there be light” — this was FORMED by God and not created (Isaiah 45:7). This formed light wasn’t the sun’s light which was created on day 4. The formed light is the Holy Spirit of God.

God separated the formed light from the created darkness. This tells us that the darkness is also spiritual like the light… the darkness is the spirit of Satan (evil) and his fallen ones. God created evil for His power and glory, and for the refinement of His creation (see God Created Evil).

So when God says Satan is the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2), He means it literally…. our literal airwaves. We are literally living on Satan’s refurbished dwelling, his place of darkness and no knowledge of Truth, and He hates it that man was given dominion over the creation that God has placed here.

At the cross, Satan was bound so he is severely limited in how he can affect the called-out chosen of God (details here). And he cannot affect nature at all — that power belongs to God and Jesus only (study here). But he reigns within the wicked men of this earth, which is the majority of mankind (details here).

Now we have a crystal clear picture of these spiritual beasts, their origin, their motivation/driving force, and how they operate within the earth and among us.

Definitions to Know

Beast = The Ruling Empire of the World

Dragon = Spirit power behind the Beast/Satan/devils

Head = Mountain/Capitol City/Kingdom

Horn = Ruler but not the chief ruler

Crown = Makes a Horn or Head a ruling power or King

Sea = Mediterranean Sea (ancient Rome’s waterfront) or waters

Waters = Peoples, nations, languages, chaos

Daniel 7 Beasts

You can read Daniel 7 on BibleGateway here.

I want to begin with the Daniel 7 beast just to point out that a singular beast in prophecy is the ruling empire of the world at any given time.

The word for beast in Revelation 13 is singular and is G2342, thērion. This word is used 2 other times in the singular to describe one who attacks God’s saints (Acts 28:4-5, Hebrews 12:20). This word thērion is used one time in the plural to describe the Cretians who were a tribe of people in their kingdom Crete (Titus 1:12).

The word beast in Luke 10:24 is G2934, ktēnos, referring to a beast of burden (donkey, mule).

The word beasts in 2 Peter 2:12 and Jude 1:10 is plural and is G2226, zoon. It means “a living being; an animal, beast.” It is a different being than the Revelation 13 beasts. A singular beast in prophecy is a world-ruling kingdom, the word thērion.

The bible literally tells us that the first beast/kingdom was Babylon; the second was Media-Persia; the third was Greece. These kingdoms absorbed the spirits of Egypt, Canaan/apostate Israel & Judah, and Assyria into them.

We see that the dreadful and terrible beast is earth’s 4th kingdom, the world-ruling power of Jewish-Rome, the legs of iron in Daniel 2. The iron of Jewish-Rome becomes the iron and broken clay (the full study on the Jewish-Rome Beast is here).

Nebuchadnezzar’s statue of the 4 kingdoms were the OLD Covenant kingdoms. The Phase 1 Sea Beast was Jewish-Rome prior to 70 AD, and the Phase 2 Sea Beast is Jewish-Rome in this New Covenant Church Age (details here).

The Phase 1 Sea Beast and the false prophet Beast of Revelation 13 were cast alive into the lake of fire in 70 AD. The survivors and their descendants continued on in building the Beast system in Revelation 17. Satan himself will not be cast into the lake of fire until the end of all adam-flesh which is the end of this world, and that will occur after this thousand-year church age — see Revelation 20:7-10. At that time, all the wicked will be raised for judgment and cast into the lake of fire.

So we know that the Revelation Beasts are Jewish-Rome, and include all former world kingdoms within them. All of them combined ARE the Beast — they are antichrist and powered by the spirit-power of the dragon which is Satan. They are the spiritual fuel of apostasy which is Satan.

Satan was thrown in to the bottomless pit in Revelation 20:2-3. The Beast ascends out of the bottomless pit in Revelation 17:8. So we know that the Antichrist beast is Satan and Satan is the Antichrist Beast, and the Beast is the WORLD ruling empire (Daniel 7). These spiritual powers dwell in the bottomless pit, the place of darkness/blindness to Truth. They have powered (and do power) all of man’s antichrist kingdoms on earth.

So the Beast itself is ALL kingdoms on earth COMBINED into one entity under Satan.

Revelation 12 Dragon Beast

You can read Revelation 12 on BibleGateway here.

The invisible Dragon is his own Beast — we see this in Revelation 12. The Dragon is the invisible spiritual power behind the Revelation 13 and 17 Sea and Earth Beasts. He was around since the Garden of Eden when he first appeared as the serpent — Satan is the dragon, serpent and devil (Revelation 12:9 & 20:2). He is first referred to as a dragon in Nehemiah 2:13 in approximately 445 BC.

Leviathan, the “sea monster” crooked serpent, slays the dragon sea which are the peoples and nations serving the world. This is a spiritual slaying and not a fish in the ocean. Leviathan spiritually slays himself, the dragon, who is in the sea/peoples/adam-flesh. We see this in Isaiah 27:1 in the Hebrew:

Isa 27:1  ביוםH3117Day ההואH1931he יפקדH6485punish, יהוהH3068Jehovah בחרבוH2719sword הקשׁהH7186severe והגדולהH1419great והחזקהH2389mighty עלH5921on account of לויתןH3882leviathan נחשׁH5175serpent ברחH1281fleeing ועלH5921together with לויתןH3882leviathan נחשׁH5175serpent עקלתוןH6129crooked והרגH2026to kill אתH853self התניןH8577dragon אשׁרH834that which בים׃H3220sea.

The purpose of the dragon leviathan who is the crooked serpent, is to spiritually kill. Leviathan is the “king over all the children of pride” (Job 41:34). If you keep teaching leviathan is a literal fish, then you’ve turned your ears unto fables (2 Timothy 4:4) and need to get out of 1 Enoch and back into God’s INSPIRED Word which teaches about His SPIRITUAL kingdom.

The Dragon Beast has:

  • 7 Heads
  • 7 Crowns on the 7 Heads
  • 10 Horns (no Crowns)
  • He persecutes the Church/Woman

So we CLEARLY see the 7 Crowned Heads and 10 Horns on the Dragon Beast are unseen spiritual powers being used by Satan/the Dragon within mankind in an attempt to bring down God’s true church of called-out saints.

Important Note: The Greek parts of speech helps us to identify the Heads and Horns. The Heads are feminine gender which is the Church. The Horns and Crowns are neuter gender which is mankind. The Dragon is masculine gender which denotes an unseen spiritual power (God and Jesus are also always masculine genders). Feminine gender denotes a lesser power than a neuter gender, and a masculine gender is the most powerful of powers.

The 7 spirit-Heads are Crowned which means they are the ruling force of the Dragon’s spiritual power. This symbolizes Satan’s greatest weapon which is idol worship and church house apostasy (false Christianity). The spirit-Dragon’s ruling powers are IN THE CHURCHES – this is where his greatest and most important work is done for his evil kingdom.

All Beasts have evolved over time. The Dragon’s 10 horns initially empowered the 10 apostate Northern tribes of Israel under Joshua… this eventually evolved to empowering the Jewish Sanhedrin council in the 4th kingdom of Rome prior to 70 AD. They were responsible for following ancient Babylon and then planting the seeds of apostasy/a false gospel within the churches by denying Jesus Christ.

After the Jewish Sanhedrin was destroyed in 70 AD, the 10 Horns became the Roman Emperors in the 4th world kingdom.

The Dragon’s 10 Horns will evolve in the Church Age to become the Phase 2 Sea Beast.

The 10 antichrist spirit-Horns utilize the following:

  1. Religions
  2. Family
  3. Finance
  4. Business
  5. Government
  6. Judicial
  7. Education
  8. Arts & Entertainment
  9. Science & Medicine
  10. Media/Propaganda

All 10 of these areas have been subtly subverted and used by Satan throughout time to culminate in his Jewish-Roman Kabbalist Jesuit Communist New World Order under one Luciferian religion.

We are told that the Dragon is the serpent, Satan and the devil (Revelation 12:9 & 20:2) — this is the spiritual fuel behind all antichrist kingdoms that ever existed on the whole earth.

In Revelation 12, the spiritual Dragon Beast was seen alongside a spiritual Woman travailing to give birth. The woman/church was wearing a crown of 12 stars which represents the original 12 tribes of the children of Jacob/Israel under the Old Covenant, and the 12 apostles of the Lamb who helped establish the New Covenant (Revelation 21:12-14). These were the foundation of the church and God’s covenant (old then new) with man.

The spirit-Dragon Beast went to make war with the remnant of the Woman’s seed. The Woman’s seed is scattered among all races and all ethnicities on earth — they are the predestined whose names were written in the book of life from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8). The Woman is the TRUE Church, the ekklesia.

Revelation 13 Sea Beast

You can read Revelation 13 on BibleGateway here.

The 4th world kingdom of Jewish-Rome began with the Roman conquest of the 3rd kingdom, Greece, in 146 BC (although the Jewish Sanhedrin had been reigning as judges and rabbis since 408 BC beginning during the ruling kingdoms of Media and Persia (full study is here).

John stood on the sands of the Mediterranean Sea which was the waterfront of ancient Rome — this is where John saw the Antichrist Sea Beast rise from.

The Sea Beast has evolved over time. Revelation 13:1-10 is its earliest form in the 4th world kingdom (Revelation 17 is its latter matured form).

In Revelation 13:7, we see the beast overcomes the saints. In Revelation 17:6, we see the harlot-Woman is drunk with the blood of the saints and Jesus overcomes them. These are two different time periods — 2 different phases of the Sea Beast.

The Phase 1 Sea Beast has:

  • 7 Heads with names of blasphemy (dragon-spirit increasing in the 7 churches – Rev. 2 & 3)
  • 10 Horns (the 10 Northern tribes of apostate Israel)
  • The Horns have Crowns (the ruling powers of the Sanhedrin’s council)
  • This Beast is like Babylon, Media-Persia and Greece (the combination IS Rome)
  • One of the Heads/Churches was spiritually butchered to death (not a physical death – details here)
  • Powered by the spirit-Dragon

The Phase 1 Sea Beast overcame the saints both in literal and spiritual terms. Spiritually speaking, the Beast overcame the saints when he coerced God’s Old Covenant people to live in sin and deny their Messiah.

Literally speaking, the apostasy the Beast encouraged within the hearts of God’s people caused the complete and total destruction of the Jewish Sanhedrin government, the 2nd temple, and their city Jerusalem from late-66 to early-70 AD. Jesus’ spirit-power came in the clouds and empowered the Roman Army to end the apostasy — this was the 3 1/2-year period of Jesus’ wrath on those who pierced Him (Revelation 1:7, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 & 21 — more info here).

This completely destroyed the Sea Beast’s 10 Jewish Horns in 70 AD and scattered them to the four winds of the earth (details here). There is no longer Jew or Greek after the cross; only wheat and tares (Galatians 3:28, Romans 10:12, Colossians 3:11).

This Revelation 13 Roman Beast, under the rule of the Roman Emperors, went on to torture and kill millions of saints after 70 AD as it was morphing into the Revelation 17 Phase 2 Sea Beast.

Initially, this Sea Beast was an apostate Jewish Beast of Rome that was controlling the Roman Empire’s kings and their politics prior to 70 AD. The Jews demanded that Rome crucify Messiah, even though Herod and Pilate found no fault in Jesus. Rome sought to pacify who they thought were God’s chosen people in an attempt to avoid wrath from their God, so they did as the Jews desired. This cycle is repeating itself today in Zionism (explained here) which is the world’s naive political powers kowtowing to a people who deny Christ because they do not know who God’s true chosen people really are (info here).

God’s Old Covenant physical earth kingdom ended in 70 AD and was replaced with a New Covenant spiritual kingdom that cannot be seen with human eyes (Luke 17:20-21). We are reigning as priests (teachers) and kings (Christ’s example) right now in this church age (details here and here).

Revelation 17 Beast

You can read Revelation 17 on BibleGateway here.

This is a later form — the matured form — of the Revelation 13 Sea Beast which has evolved from Jewish influence in the Old Covenant age to a Roman Papal Jewry influence in the New Covenant church age. It has an added Woman/Whore riding it and shows her judgment at the end of time.

The 7 Heads with names of blasphemy now has a leader in the Whore riding them who is also full of names of blasphemy. This represents an ecumenical one-world-religion under the Papacy of which most religious denominations have already entered into agreement (details here). The world mistakenly believes that Catholics are converted Christians (info here, here and here), but those who do not “come out of her” are NOT God’s chosen people.

This Phase 2 Sea Beast now includes:

  • A Woman/Whore/Harlot
  • 7 Heads which are 7 Mountains
  • 7 Kings
  • 10 Horns which are 10 Kings
  • No Crowns
  • Powered by the Dragon
  • THE LAMB WILL OVERCOME THEM (eternal life for the persecuted)

Traits of the 7 Heads/Mountains:

  • The 7 Heads have gone from capitol cities (7 individual churches) to great Mountains (apostate world religions)
  • The Woman/that great city (Vatican) sits on the 7 Heads/Mountains/World Religions

Traits of the 7 Kings:

  • There are 7 Kings with no Crowns
  • 5 fell; one is present in 60’s AD; one was future; an 8th king appears and is of the 7 previous kings

Traits of the 10 Horn-Kings:

  • 10 Horns are 10 Kings with no kingdom as of yet
  • 10 Horn-Kings have NO CROWNS because they’ve never had an earthly kingdom
  • 10 Horn-Kings hates the Whore/Vatican and destroys her

Traits of the Woman/Whore:

  • Woman rides the bloody, fiery-like (scarlet-colored) Beast of Rome
  • Woman is full of names of blasphemy
  • Woman has a golden cup of fornication (false gospel)
  • Woman’s name is Babylon the Great
  • Woman killed the martyrs of Jesus and is drunk in their blood
  • The woman/great city (Vatican) sits on the 7 Heads/Mountains (religions)
  • Whore sits on waters – people, nations, languages (this is worldwide)
  • Whore is destroyed by the 10 Horn-Kings
  • Woman is “that great city” that rules over the kings of the earth (the Vatican)

Because the houses of Jacob/Israel and Judah PLAYED the Harlot, people want to say that the great city is Jerusalem. The Sanhedrin who were controlling the controllers in the 23 regions surrounding Jerusalem did require the people to take a physical mark, but they were done away with by 70 AD — that first phase Beast and false prophet were thrown into the lake of fire.

So we know “that great city” which is the woman in the latter phase of the Sea Beast is the current leader of all the world’s religions, and that is the Vatican. Catholicism tortured, burned and slaughtered tens of MILLIONS of saints during the civil rule of the Papacy (source here), and Roman Emperors were slaughtering Christians off and on even before that time, from 70-313 AD (source here). The Vatican keeps a morbid museum of the torture devices they used on true Christians during the Inquisition and Dark Ages who they claimed were “heretics” (see this article).

Gender Parsing here is VITAL:

  • Woman/Whore with names of blasphemy (feminine gender)
  • 7 Heads (feminine gender)
  • 7 Kings (masculine gender)
  • 10 (neuter) Horns are 10 (masculine) Kings with no kingdom
  • No Crowns at all

The masculine genders are SPIRIT POWERS working within feminine (religious) and neuter (political) mankind.

This is why the 10 masculine-gender Kings have no kingdom except for the one hour with the neuter beast of mankind…. it’s because they are unseen evil spirits that God allows Satan to empower right before God pours out His final wrath on this earth.

Those who hate Messiah Jesus Christ and/or are false Christians are going to go after God’s elect in the end of days — this has been happening for quite sometime in the Eastern world and is rapidly approaching in the Western world. They will attempt to attack the saints which triggers the final coming of Jesus Christ to catch up the living saints into the clouds, then God’s wrath will be poured out on the earth (studies here and here). Jesus Christ’s righteousness will melt the elemental earth and those who are in it.

Regarding the 7 masculine-gender spirit-Kings: 5 fell, 1 is, one is to come, then an 8th which is of the 7. These 7 Kings are not on the heads or on the horns… they are unseen spirit powers in the midst of the beast/world kingdom. I believe these 7 spirit-Kings are the antichrist spirits in the apostate churches. God’s 7 Churches have 7 angels/Spirits (Revelation 1:20), and I believe the apostate church system does as well (Satan always mimics God). These 7 spirits work through human men — the human men and their churches fell, but the spirits are eternal darkness/evil and still work in today’s apostate religions. This represents the world religions spiritually falling under the apostate one world religion headed by the synagogue of Satan which works through the Roman Catholic Church.

The 5 fallen Kings are the evil spirits behind the pagan religions of 1) Egypt/Fallen Canaan, 2) Assyria, 3) Babylon, 4) Media-Persia, and 5) Greece. The one that existed in 60’s AD was the spirit of Rome which the apostate Jews also followed. The one to come is the spirit of an ecumenical one-world religion under the Papacy — this is where we are now. All of these kingdoms worshipped the sun/Baal/Orion and the moon… the spirits of the apostate churches are Luciferian sun worshipers.

The 8th is of the 7; I believe he is of ALL the 7 — the 8th is the Dragon spirit-power within them all who will be let off his leash during earth’s last hour for one last show of force before he is thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:7-10).

So we see the 7 masculine Roman-Jewry-led world religious powers being destroyed by the 10 masculine international political powers.

If we try to label these heads and horns as just one individual man, or as individual physical cities until the end of time, then we completely miss what this beast is actually doing, which is working within MANY evil men over time to cause the spiritual death of all the people on earth through all time (details here and here).

Revelation 13 Earth Beast

You can read Revelation 13 on BibleGateway here.

The Earth Beast of Revelation 13:11-18 has only:

  • 2 Horns with NO Crowns

Traits of the Earth Beast:

  • The Horns are like a Lamb (Christ-like/”Christian”)
  • It speaks as a Dragon (false gospel, false Christianity, deception)
  • Uses all powers of the Beast that came before (the Sea Beast)

This Earth Beast came up after the Sea Beast and has also evolved over time. It is the False Prophet system who uses their powerful deceptive influence to cause all to revere and serve the Antichrist Sea Beast.

The 2 Horns represent church-craft (religions) and statecraft (political governments) that enforces the desires of the Dragon. Satan’s mission is to destroy God’s elect and to receive worship himself.

Phase 1 Earth Beast (Old Covenant):
The Roman Era began in 146 BC. Prior to 70 AD, the Jewish leadership were known as God’s people but were apostate and had their Messiah crucified. They exercised religious control (church-craft apostasy) and had great political influence (state-craft) with the Romans. They literally controlled the controllers. These rabbi judges planted the seeds of apostasy into the 7 Heads/Churches and watered them.

The Phase 1 Earth Beast Horns were Jewish — the Greater Sanhedrin of 71, and a Lesser Sanhedrin of 23 who controlled the regions outside of Jerusalem. See The Little Horn & the Clay are Jewish! for details.

Phase 2 Earth Beast (New Covenant):
With the creation of Roman Catholicism sometime after 70 AD (the true date is unknown, but it did NOT start with Peter, Jesus’ apostle!), the 2 Horns became the black and white Popes. Since 2013, both of these Popes are now Jesuits (i.e. the “Society of Jesus” — their Jesus is Lucifer and NOT our Messiah Jesus). Their founder, Ignatius Loyola, had a synagogue-of-Satan Jewish lineage (source here and here). The Jesuits have been the military faction of the Vatican since 1534, and now ARE the Vatican. They heavily influence and thus control all religious and political powers on the entire earth (proofs here).

The Phase 2 Earth Beast Horns are the Society of Jesus, the Zionist Jesuit black and white Popes (details here) who will enforce the international Jewry plan known as the “new world order” which will be under one ecumenical religion (info here).

Comparison of the Beasts

We see how the spirit powers operate when we look at the word parsing of all of the Revelation Beasts and compare them.

Greek word parsing in the Beasts:

  • Masculine genders are UNSEEN SPIRIT POWERS, the most powerful of powers.
  • Neuter gender is mankind’s power.
  • Feminine gender is the Church’s power (often called a “Woman” in prophecy).

Sidenote: The Holy Spirit is feminine gender because it belongs to the Church/Woman. God and Jesus are always masculine gender.

Revelation 12 Dragon Beast:

  • 7 Heads (feminine gender)
  • 7 Crowns on the Heads (neuter gender)
  • 10 Horns (neuter gender)
  • Dragon (masculine gender)

Revelation 13 Phase 1 Sea Beast:

  • 7 Heads with names of blasphemy (feminine gender)
  • 10 Horns (neuter gender)
  • 10 Crowns on the Horns (neuter gender)
  • Dragon (masculine gender)

Revelation 17 Phase 2 Sea Beast:

  • Woman/Whore with names of blasphemy
  • 7 Heads (feminine gender)
  • 7 Kings (masculine gender)
  • 10 (neuter) Horns are 10 (masculine) Kings with no kingdom
  • No Crowns

These 7 Kings are not ON the Heads so are the 7 evil spirits moving within the churches. These are the mirror opposite of the 7 stars who are the angels over God’s elect Church (Revelation 1:20).

The 10 Horns are neuter so will be actual men who ARE 10 evil spirit-Kings. My best guess on this is that 10 unseen spirits who have never had an earthly physical kingdom, will be allowed to indwell 10 human men for one hour with the beast. We know these 10 Horns destroy the Whore/Vatican (Revelation 17:17). This will bring about Jesus returning to remove the spirits of His saints from the earth (details here).

Revelation 13 Earth Beast:

  • 2 Horns (neuter gender)

We see these 2 Horns are mankind and the Dragon powers them.

We can see how each of these beasts are different and evolved over time. We can’t apply every trait of all beasts to each beast.

Fun F.Y.I.

Revelation 13:2 reads, “….the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” The words dragon and seat are both masculine gender (Satan) — this means the office of the Papacy and the position of the Pope is Satan’s. The words power and authority are feminine gender which means they belong to the churches/religions.

This verse explains that the dragon and the dragon’s seat are fueling the Papacy’s religious power to GAIN AUTHORITY IN THE CHURCHES — this is false Christianity that all the world’s religious denominations are practicing to some degree.

This example demonstrates what more you can see when you look up the words in your bible. You can see Revelation 13:2 on Blue Letter Bible here. Notice the oval button to the far right of each word under the column titled “Parsing.”

In Closing

The seals, trumpets and vials/bowls happened during the Great Tribulation of early-63 to early-70 AD which includes the second coming of Jesus Christ in late-66 AD…. what happened during that time can be connected to specific events in history that will not repeat themselves (full details here).

However, in my humble opinion, the Revelation Beasts are a little different because they have lasted over hundreds to thousands of years. They primarily demonstrate the dragon’s spiritual forces at work in the people, both those in the true Church and those practicing false Christianity, and those who were under the Old Covenant and those presently under the New Covenant.

If you would like to see what these evil spiritual powers have done in the world, and how they are implementing the New World Order and taking down America, please see this article: Georgia Guidestones Destroyed – Who is Taking Down the U.S.?

If you have any information (preferably scripture references or historical accounts) to refute or add to anything I have posted here, please share by contacting me by email here …. it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading! God bless you all. 🙏

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