Georgia Guidestones Destroyed – Who is Taking Down the U.S.?

Author: Michele at ScriptureStudy.Guide
Posted: July 6, 2022
. Updated February 1, 2023.

It’s been an interesting 3 days. America’s Independence Day was July 4th, CERN fired up again after 3 years on July 5th, and now the Georgia Guidestones was struck on July 6th at 04:03:33am.

This article is going to cover the Georgia Guidestones and how it correlates with biblical prophecy and events.

UPDATE: Additional information is included explaining who is behind the New World Order agenda and the planned takedown of the United States. Research links and updates will be added regularly.

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The Attack on the Monument

Here, we see some kind of a missile or bazooka-type blast coming out of the glare of the street light. Notice how large the light flash is on the upper left, then notice the explosion starting in the upper right:

Impact, frame 1 — 04:03:33am

My personal opinion is that someone was standing behind the glare of the street light and shot something off which caused the brightness seen above, similar to how the end of a cannon barrel would look when shot off at night. Click here for another interesting explanation (start at 3:00 mark). UPDATE: Having watched other nighttime footage, I noticed that a tiny light can also appear much larger than it is, especially when another light in the area flashes. I believe this glare that appeared to grow larger, was actually caused from a bomb going off in front of the tablet.

In the same second as frame 1 above, here is frame 2. Notice the light glare in the upper left has gone back down to a halfway-normal street light glare, and in the upper right, we can see the debris trail coming out in a straight line:

Impact, frame 2 — 04:03:33am

Still in the SAME SECOND as the above 2 frames — 04:03:33 — they quickly shift the camera angle to this:

Impact, frame 3 — 04:03:33am

The debris is being flung out on the right side of the screen, and nothing but a yellowish, greenish-tinged color smoke and dust is billowing out toward the left side of the screen. Update: I can see this occurring from a bomb blast — we see dust blowing out in all directions. The bomb was up against one tablet, but not strong enough to collapse the center pillar or the other 3 tablets.

Exactly 9 seconds — 333 (3+3+3=9) after impact, at 04:03:42am, the front grill of the “getaway car” appears.

“Getaway car” — this shot is 04:03:43am

The footage they provided to the public is ridiculously out of focus. You can see the original video here.

Shown below is overhead footage of the damage. Initially, the mainstream media was reporting that this damage was caused by an earthquake…. how funny.

Have you ever seen an explosion that throws out debris in only one direction and in a straight line? Absolutely not one piece of debris was to the North of the tablet that was hit — ALL the debris was to the South, behind the point of impact. Update: Look at the pattern left in the dirt — it goes out in all directions like rays of the sun — this is consistent with a bomb blast.

Debris Field – Notice the long distance that some debris traveled in the bottom left corner
Debris Field – The missile-like weapon perfectly aimed to only take down 1 tablet

In the above photo, note the location of the concrete plaque on the ground… it is to the West of the monument (on the right side of the screen). I will be discussing this later.

All those who are pro-humanity REJOICED when we saw this:

!! BULLDOZED !! on July 6, 2022 — Just over 42 years (4+2=6) from it’s beginning on March 22, 1980 (March 22 = 322 = Skull and Bones Society). 1980=18=9=333. 2022=6=33.

They stated that the other tablets were too unstable to be left standing after the “vandalism.”

UPDATE – July 8, 2022: On July 7, the day after the “bombing” footage was released on July 6, they released a very blurred video of a man going up to the monument then running from it seconds later. They claim this was someone setting a bomb beside the Hindi/Swahili tablet. The explosion video came with a timestamp at the top; the “bomber” video has no timestamp. I’ve never seen the scene of a bombing leveled in only a few hours. This was obviously a planned takedown of the monument (specifically the Hindi/Swahili tablet) and not a crime scene (similar to how the Jan. 6, 2022 capitol footage was a movie production and not an actual crime scene). The “bomber” footage can be seen here.

Why is this important?

This event is spinning a narrative that is part of an attack on God’s true set-apart saints. History is repeating itself. Let me explain.

There is a movement of false Christians who are actually practicing a form of witchcraft, who are pitting the masses against the true set-apart end times saints… we are being labeled “extremists” and not because of anything we have done. We all know that these Georgia Guidestones tablets were vile in their nature (I explain more below), but I can attest that true Christians do not go around blowing things up or destroying the property of others… nor do we use hashtags like “TearItDown.”

Recently, during the state of Georgia’s May gubernatorial primary, third-place Republican candidate Kandiss Taylor claimed the Guidestones were “Satanic” and part of a “Luciferian Cabal” and made demolishing them part of her platform (to appeal to the political Q-Anon fake Christians who are a cult). She, herself, is an actor in the NWO “cabal.” Taylor took to Twitter after the explosion giving credit to God for “striking down the Satanic Guidestones.” I have listened to enough alternative media to state with certainty that NO ONE has called the Georgia Guidestones “Satanic” until Kandiss Taylor with her TearItDown hashtag — we are looking at a propaganda campaign with an ulterior motive. [UPDATE: The monument was first called Satanic in a 2015 documentary that I suspect may have been filmed to cover up the true identity of the group responsible… more info below.]

Understand that Satan’s children control both sides of every narrative. Republicans/Democrats, Catholicism/Protestantism, Black/White, causes of commercial pollution/Environmental Regulations, Public Universities/”Christian” Universities, Democracy/Communism, both sides of EVERY war, etc. Their control is in creating 2 sides, then pitting those sides against one another leaving the controllers themselves unnoticed, while they sit back watching and laughing at the masses of hive-minds they have created and play with like puppets on a string.

We are in the last days of earth’s existence and there are only 2 groups among humanity: The wheat and the tares (Revelation 14:14-20). One is either born again through the shed blood of Messiah Jesus, or they are anti-Christ…. there is no fence to get on…. Satan owns the fence.

The NWO Government is Communism

We know these “Republicans” who are associating true Christians (those who are anti-Satan) with a “bombing,” are associated with the “Q-Anon movement” and their “Trust the Plan” ideology. “Trust the Plan” is Bolshevism’s “Operation Trust” 2.0.

“Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 — it was aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover (source here).

“Trust the Plan” is doing the same thing today as “Operation Trust” did 100 years ago — it is allowing the communist takeover of America and the entire world by making us believe that there is a group of people in high places that we can vote into some political or judicial office, who cares about Christians and common people. It’s all a lie on a scale so large, we can’t comprehend it.

Communism will be the government of the new world order. We can see the Satanic trio in this 2019 parade float — Trump the token common-people supporter (wearing his Roman crown of olive branches and his antichrist armor), China’s president Xi – the Communist future world-government model with their imperial dragon emblem, and the antichrist Pope/false Christianity rising up out of the shoulder of Communism. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is a creation of those enforcing the NWO (source here). THEY ARE SHOWING YOU WHAT THEY ARE DOING, FOLKS…. literally parading it in front of you in a literal 2019 parade held in Italy.

Jesuit-controlled church-craft and statecraft Beast of the Earth in Revelation 13:11-18, collared and led by the 2 horns/leaders, the white and black popes.

Sidenote: The Beast of the Sea was formed before the Beast of the Earth, and was initially a Jewish beast that has matured into today’s Papal-influence, Jewish-controlled beast (see this article for details).

Their one-united-world endeavor is rooted in Luciferianist witchcraft (Enlightenment/Deism), worship of self and of making themselves a name (Genesis 11:4), new-ageism, and accepting all things degenerate and not of Christ. In order for them to feel successful, they must get rid of the true set-apart saints. Not the fake Christians who line the pews of idolatrous Catholic cathedrals, or all the 501(c)3 churches who signed an ecumenical one-world-religion agreement with the Jesuit antichrist beast of Rome/the Vatican in January 2020 (source here)…. I am talking about the TRUE chosen church of God, the set-apart ekklesia who are scattered all over the world and refuse to join Jesuit-controlled Zionist church buildings, and do not erect evergreen trees in our homes during the pagan winter solstice celebration of the Roman ChristMASS (info here).

The saints are being done away with and removed from all influential positions in society, not because we are violent or obtrusive, but because our morality makes the worldly uncomfortable. They cannot just leave us be because of their hatred of Jesus Christ whose light and power is within us (Matthew 10:22, John 15:9 & 9:18, 1 John 3:13). Their world system is corrupt to the core and is run by their king, Lucifer, their Deist god of “enlightenment,” posterity, and of all feel-good sensory pleasures…. only those willing to keep their mouths shut regarding the corruption are welcome to work in their system.

THE ANTICHRIST IS A CHRISTIAN, as the deceived hive-mind masses mistakenly understand a Christian to be. IT IS FALSE CHRISTIANITY and is of the devil, designed to deceive Christians — see this excellent article for details — every Christian should read it.

The modern-day Antichrist has been here since at least 538 AD when the Pope proclaimed to be God, to be able to forgive sins, and provide salvation through their ritual sacraments (see here and here for details). Roman Catholicism is the practice of idolatry which is an abomination to God — He warned them to “come out of her my people!” or they will receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4)… God’s true ekklesia of set-apart saints WILL come out of her.

Futurism of biblical prophecy fulfillment is a Jesuit-created LIE from Satan himself — it was written in 1590 by a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest (see this article and this Wiki page).

Lincoln knew the truth, unlike most ignorant mocking Americans today. Read the Jesuit Oath here.
Vatican City’s Jesuit NWO says that a TRUE Christian cannot defend their home and family.

Pope Francis (and all Jesuits) took an oath which includes the following:

I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.


The NWO’s Message Board

On September 11, 2009, during the Obama administration, a niche was found to be cut out of the English/Spanish Guidestone tablet:

September 11, 2009, niche was cut out during the Obama administration

This niche remained vacant until September 11, 2014, exactly 5 years later to the day of 9-11, when a granite cube was installed into the niche, seen here:

Cube marked 2014 placed on 9-11 (Sept. 11, 2014).

Sidenote: Jesus’ true date of birth fell on September 11 in 3 BC (see this article for details).

The 2014 cube was removed about 12 days later and was found to be inscribed on all 6 sides with the following: 20, 14, 8, 16, MM, JAM… more messages for “them.” I believe 20+14 is the year 2014. And 8+16+MM (2,000) is the year 2024. Not sure about “JAM,” but wouldn’t be surprised if the “J” stood for Jesuit.

The black cube plays a role in their pagan “religion.” Muslims believe the black cube they walk around in Mecca is the actual house of God… they are moon worshipers. Islam was created by Catholic Jesuits who worship the sun (see article here). Islam is Romanism for Arabs — sun and the moon…. the greater light and the lesser light. explains that the black cube is Saturn (sun) occult symbolism (article here), and it is worldwide.

We see the cube being placed in an overly-extravagant way at the site of the 9-11 slaughter in 2001 (orchestrated and carried out by the Zionist U.S. government, C.I.A. and Mossad) in New York City:

9/11 Occultic Black Cube Memorial in New York City, home of the United Nations headquarters

We can see that Jewish-American psychopaths planned 9-11 WAY in advance in this quick video that they have made for us — they are no longer hiding it.

The location of the sacrifice of thousands, done on the day of Jesus’ birth. EVERYTHING they do has meaning — NOTHING IS A COINCIDENCE.

Notice in the above photo that the top of the new World Trade Center is a black cube mirroring the one below that is dug below ground-level with lighting to resemble hell — “as above, so below” is an occultic phrase which means that what is done in heaven is also done in hell. Secret Society members believe the fallen angel Lucifer is the light and the “good guy” who was mistreated by His Creator… Satan is a false god and a deceiver.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 5, 1902 – June 12, 1994), known to many as the Rebbe, was a Russian Empire-born American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. He is considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century.

Above, we see the cube of Saturn worn on the forehead by the evil Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9 & 3:9) which they claim is God’s scripture but is actually the Talmud.

Chabad (an Orthodox Jewish Hasidic dynasty founded in Russia) established a network of over 3,600 institutions in 80 countries — that requires a lot of money, and Chabad gets it from the elite Cabalist Jews. It is through Chabad that the Cabalists are attempting to define Judaism for ordinary Jews and End Times prophecies for the rest of us. And with Cabalist money in one hand and the Cabalist/Kabbalist agenda in the other, the late Rabbi Schneerson fostered the Jewish messianic obsession which is antichrist (source here). Zionism is the work of the Synagogue of Satan and America was founded on it (source here). Trump, Putin and all world leaders are tied into this group (video here).

For these antichrist globalist “cube observers,” I believe the Georgia Guidestones was their message board — a way to send a global message to them all via the media.

The cube was inscribed with the date 2014, so everyone was anticipating something big to happen that year, but it never did. Now in hindsight, we can see a meaning.

The number of man/labor in the bible is 6 (the Satanic trinity is 666). 33rd degree Mason is 3+3=6. Add 6 years to 2014 and we have 2020 — the year they kicked their agenda into high gear. If you recall, no celebrity or famous politician could be found in the states starting at the beginning of 2020 — they had all fled under the guise of being under lockdown. Oprah said she never left her home (underground bunker?) for 322 days, which was most of 2020 (322 is Skull and Bones secret society, and is also the March 22 date when the Guidestones were erected).

You get the picture…. these stone tablets were used to send a global message to those who were expecting it to come. It announced the beginning of their “Age of Reason.”

Now we have the Hindi/Swahili tablet hit by a missile-type weapon, so I am taking that to be a sign as well.

Purpose of the “Bombing”

Thus far, I’ve heard 5 reasons for the “bombing.” I’ll add to this list if I hear anymore theories.

Theory #1
The stone that was hit was the Hindi (India) and Swahili (Islam) language translations tablet. This could be a message sent to the Islamic armies to begin some operation. In the past, the Papacy used Arabs/Islam to torture, crucify and kill true Christians for 1,260 years, from 538-1798 AD; then God used the Arabs to persecute Rome (see this article <–warning: graphic photos, and see this YouTube playlist). They have been shipping Arab men of fighting age into the United States for years now, as far back as 2016 that I am aware of. They are sent to church houses by the bus load as poor, pitiful refugees then dispersed throughout our communities as potential “sleeper cell armies.”

Option 2: The message sent to the Islamists could have been to leave America alone. The majority of Zionist, Jewish and Catholic Freemasons are lower-level followers who consider America their homeland and do not want to see it go under Communism and terrorize their own friends and families. Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part.

Theory #2
Another possible reason for this “bombing” is to have an excuse for the complete removal of this vile monument to be rid of the proof of their mass genocide, depopulation program (one day, the entire internet will be wiped clean of everything but what they want you to see – it’ll be as if the Guidestones never existed). The first “rule” on these stone tablets is “To maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” That is only 500 Million with an “M” — there are now 8 BILLION with a “B” people on the earth — 8,000,000,000 means that 7,500,000,000 must die.

Reason #3
Number 3 is a steadfast reason and not a theory because it has already happened. It is the framing of true Christians by false Christians for an extremist act. We see this being done by Republican conservative FALSE “Christians” who are actually Enlightenment/Deist light worshipers (Wiccans, New-Age, Catholics, Luciferians, all Mystery Babylon sun and moon worshipers).

The true Christians were called “heretics” in ancient times (source here) and it will happen again shortly before God ends this evil once and for all. The false Christians are already leading the charge against us…. history is repeating itself (see this article for how Christians were severely persecuted for simply not participating in the Roman-created pagan Ishtar/Easter celebration).

Theory #4
We do know this monument was a planned takedown — I heard a theory as to why. The guy said that the group who erected this monument took it down because the agenda that was written on it has been successful, so there is no longer a need for it to remain standing. They may not get down to a ridiculously low world population of only 500 million, but they have caused a lot of early deaths, unwanted sterilization, and wrecked people’s immune systems with “vaccines” that are not vaccines, that is going to have effects for many years to come. The World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2021 has already happened, and Agenda 2030 has been moved up to Agenda 2023 because people are waking up to this total takedown of business and society.

Theory #5
A friend of mine believes this monument was planned by the county government Masons in Elberton, Georgia as a publicity stunt to draw tourists into their area. It did draw about 20,000 people into their county each year. However, I feel the message on the guidestones would have been more “socially acceptable” and not a direct threat to 94% of humanity if it’s sole purpose was to draw tourists.

The 666 Guidestones-U.N. Connection

As the crow flies, the Georgia Guidestones are located exactly 666.78 miles from the United Nations Headquarters in New York City:

UN Headquarters and Georgia Guidestones are 666 miles apart

Another interesting connection is that the U.N. building looks like one of the monument’s tablets. I have a tablet-looking building in my hometown along with a 2006 building with a pyramidal-style top, and a 1995 building that had the same pyramidal top added on it in 2008:

Mobile, Alabama

Not saying the tablet-shaped buildings actually mean anything… but nothing of a prominent scale is ever a coincidence. I’ve really noticed the agenda in my hometown (and around the world) since the “Patriot” Act was signed after 9-11 in 2001. A Jesuit-trained Catholic founded Mobile – his bronze statue showed up downtown in 2002 (resources at the bottom of this article). These tablet-buildings are probably being erected in every city — they could represent the Luciferian Jesuit Commandments… Satan always mimics God and would be sure to do so with something as important as God’s stone tablet commandments.

There are only 29 Jesuit-owned universities in the United States and one of them is in Mobile, Alabama (source here). But they control all Catholic educational institutions and other institutions through their Zionist false doctrines and biblical prophecy deceptions (see this article and this Wiki page). READ THE JESUIT OATH HERE.

The American Continental Army under General George Washington knew the truth

I watched a Georgia Guidestones documentary that came out in 2015 which was clearly a propaganda piece to spin a narrative (i.e. shift blame onto a single person who is deceased). They claimed they wanted the monument erected on the 33rd degree latitude but couldn’t because it was a heavily wooded, hilly county, so they placed it on the 34th degree. So it would be another coincidence that their so-called “second choice” just so happened to place their monument exactly 666 miles from the U.N. Headquarters. This is deeper than just Freemasonry and secret societies — the roots are Satan himself.

The banker who handled the financial transactions and contracts for R.C. Christian apparently had the UNITED NATIONS translate 11 of the 12 languages on the monument (the Chinese translation was done by a local). THE UNITED NATIONS!! So the U.N. was involved in the translations of the Georgia Guidestones garbage which was supposedly just a pipe dream of one man using a pseudonym. Um, no. This monument had a worldwide agenda behind it.

After watching the 2015 documentary titled Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones, I heard that R. C. Christian’s real name was Hubert Kersten, a Roman Catholic Freemason racist physician conservationist who believed the Northern European white race was the superior race of humanity. He called himself a Christian but his writings proved otherwise. Men like these are under a heavy cloud of deception due to their pride of self and their delusion that they are more wise than God their Creator.

You can view the 2-hour documentary for free here… they stopped short of saying “Jesuit,” instead using the term of a mystery religion whose followers are called “Rosicrucians” (who ARE the Jesuits), but that’s to be expected. I suspect Kersten may be a patsy though… the source who called him a Roman Catholic white supremacist was shifty (see Revelation 2:9 and 3:9). I suspect the documentary was to cover for the group who is truly responsible for this by pinning it on a small town physician from Iowa.

Description of the Georgia Guidestones

It is believed that the Guidestones were built and paid for by Jesuit Zionist or Jewish Freemasons, and we know by the timestamp of the video screenshots above that Freemasons also took the monument down. In 1979, a man using the pseudonym “R. C. Christian” paid a large suitcase full of cash to erect the monument which was completed in 1980 (see the Georgia Guidestones Wiki page here). I have been watching them change the narrative of the “bombing” all day on the Georgia Guidestones Wiki page, including removing which tablet was hit, so I am typing it up here for posterity (as long as that lasts), and for those who are not familiar with what this monument is.

The Wiki page now says the pseudonym name is “Robert C. Christian,” but I have only ever heard the name to be “R. C. Christian.” I believe R. C. Christian stands for “Roman Catholic Christian” which is a Luciferian sun-worshiping Enlightenment Deist Jesuit and not a born-again Christian AT ALL.

The Inscriptions

Here are the guidelines inscribed on the pillar’s cap and tablets in 12 languages (the words in brackets are my explanations based on the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030 — info here):

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. [Lunacy. According to R. C., these are to be the white race from Northern Europe.]
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. [R.C. wanted wide use of birth control. Now we have vaccines that sterilize — a large number of the world’s population received them in 2021.]
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language. [This is the binary computer language that translates any language into any other language.]
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason. [This is the takeover of all church houses and religious denominations by the Pope through his ecumenical one-world-religion agreement that all Evangelicals signed in January 2020. There are no more Protestant denominations because there is no more protest by them against the Satanic Catholic Church.]
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. [To be determined by one’s social credit score — poor-scoring critical-thinker, no justice for you.]
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. [Now why would an enclosed nation have an EXTERNAL dispute unless an external globalist force is intervening with their processes?]
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. [No more security or advocates for the common slave-class people, such as lawyers, police officers, social workers, human resources and military men, assuming they would actually do their jobs and truly help you.]
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties. [We learned with the vaccine mandates that social duties override personal rights. If they deem it to be socially acceptable or mandate it, then you are forced to comply or starve. The Zionist Jewish Talmudic Noahide Laws will come into play here (see this study).]
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite. [Deism. Enlightenment. New-ageism witchcraft. Self-absorbed narcissism. Forced acceptance of degeneracy. Your truth is what THEY teach you. Messiah Jesus is an idol and blasphemes God according to the Noahide Laws — the penalty for Jesus worship is decapitation.]
  10. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. [Live in a 200-square-foot area adjoined to your workplace, consume a diet of insects and uncooked plant life, no travel or transportation, take your birth control injections and live far away from the superior race from Northern Europe until you die off.]

Supposedly some twisted man using a pseudonym had a pipe dream and because he was a Catholic Mason (and probably a Jesuit), they all fell into line and made this sick monument happen. I don’t buy it.

Regarding Guidestone #3: Let’s not forget what happened to mankind when they used to all be of one language/mind — they became prideful and elevated themselves as gods and decided to build the tower of Babel to the heavens. God was infuriated… He halted all progress of mankind by giving them all different languages, throwing every man back into a proverbial Stone Age (Genesis 11:1-9).

The Time Capsule

The ground-level plaque to the West of the monument said something about a Time Capsule being buried 6 feet below:

Supposed time capsule below the plaque at the depth that you would bury a human being, but no dates given.

Sidenote: Notice the word “pseudonym” is spelled wrong. It’s “A PSEUDO NYN.” Or “a fake/bogus NYN.” NYN is an abbreviation for a lot of things. The misspelling could have been corrected but never was, so was intentional.

FOX5 Atlanta reported the following: “The silver lining for some this week was the promise of a time capsule that reportedly was buried beneath a slab on the ground at the structure. The slab, which appeared to be unfinished, led many to believe the capsule was “placed six feet below this spot on…” that was “to be opened on…” Neither the date of its placement nor the date it was meant to be opened was completed. That did not stop county officials from doing a quick search.

Officials with the Elbert County Road Department brought in an excavator to dig down the required six feet. Using a tape measure to ensure accuracy, the only thing officials said they found when workers hit the six-foot mark was more dirt” (source here).

In the 2015 Georgia Guidestones documentary propaganda piece, they wanted you to believe there was an actual time capsule buried here. However, I believe the mention of a time capsule was just to give the site a sense of permanence to hide the fact that the monument was actually a temporary international message board used to announce the start of their next Great Reset.

Next we will see how the Georgia Guidestones correlates with biblical prophecy and events.

The Center Pillar

The Guidestones monument consists of a cube-shaped capped pillar in the center with four 2-sided tablets coming out from it. On this cube pillar’s cap are 4 languages:

  • Sanskrit (the oldest language on earth)
  • Egyptian (in hieroglyphs)
  • Babylonian Cuneiform
  • Classical Greek

In the photo below, we see this on the upper Northern-half of the plaque located to the West of the Guidestones:

The foundational pillar of the antichrist world kingdom explained

Babylonian points toward the North.
Sanskrit is to the South.
Egyptian is to the West.
Greek is to the East.

In Daniel 2, Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar had a vision of the land’s (incorrectly translated “earth’s”) last “5 kingdoms” (it’s actually 4 kingdoms with the last being changed by Jesus Christ). They were interpreted by God through Daniel as follows (Daniel 2:36-45):

  • Babylon (Gold Head – Assyria and Egypt preceded it)
  • Media-Persia (Silver Arms and Chest)
  • Greece (Bronze Torso and Thighs)
  • Iron Legs
  • Iron and Clay Feet

Daniel 7 tells us there were only 4 beast kingdoms. The iron legs and the iron and clay feet are the SAME kingdom going through a change (becoming weak and broken) when Jesus Christ appeared in 3 BC. This change is reflected in the beasts in Revelation and is explained in this study.

Scripture does not provide us with the identity of the iron legs or the feet with added clay. We have to determine this by studying history.

Earth’s Last 4 Old Covenant Kingdoms: King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream interpreted by God through Daniel

These are OLD Covenant Kingdoms

In studying history as it relates to Scripture, I have found that these 4 kingdoms that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream are the 4 OLD Covenant age kingdoms that ended in 70 AD.

I have also realized that the Iron was Jewish (beginning in 408 BC) which came out of ancient Greece which was eventually Roman. John 7:35 tells us the 10 Northern tribes of Israel moved to Hellas/Greece way back in 721 BC, long before Rome’s first real conquest of Greece in 146 BC.

The 2 iron legs are the Sanhedrin (Jews) and Greecian Rome.

The Jewish-Roman iron moves into the feet and has added clay. The feet strength of iron is now Roman of whom many are of Jewish lineage. This miry clay is “broken fragmented clay pieces” which was the apostate Jews who were broken by the arrival of the stone of God’s kingdom which was Jesus Christ come in the flesh to the earth.

The full study is here: The Little Horn & the Clay are Jewish!

Just know that the Jesuits’ founder, Ignatius Loyola, had a Jewish lineage, and his group wrote the false doctrine of biblical prophecy futurism — its purpose is to hide the true enemy from the masses which are the synagogue of Satan Jews and their Kabbalistic Talmud. They own and operate every major industry on earth and have destroyed the world with their criminal central banking system.

The entire world absolutely will be destroyed again, and this is supported in Scripture (details here). See also “Coming in the Clouds” – Jesus’ Second Coming for scripture references on the first coming in 31 AD, the second coming in 70 AD, and the future coming of Theos God in wrath.

The Center Pillar Continued…..

Sanskrit was used by the ancient Assyrians and may have been used even earlier than that time.

We see Egyptian hieroglyphs which represents ancient Egypt.

Then Babylon is represented with Babylonian Cuneiform.

Then the Classic Greek language is on the pillar to represent Greece.

ALL OF THE ABOVE KINGDOMS CULMINATED to form the 4th kingdom of earth, the “dreadful and terrible beast” of Daniel chapter 7 which is Jewish Rome. Today’s Rome is triune: The nation-state of the Vatican (religious faction), the nation-state of Washington D.C. (military faction), and the nation-state of London (financial faction) — all controlled by Jews and their zealot Zionist servants.

Image Credit: David Nikao Wilcoxson –

It is quite obvious that the persons behind the Guidestones are knowledgeable of the bible, as are all false Christian light-worshipers. They are wolves/evil who appear as lambs/righteous.

The Four Tablets

The 4 tablets that branch out off the center pillar represents Jewish Rome, the iron and the clay feet, which Jesus destroyed with His righteousness in 70 AD (Daniel 2:33-45). Jewish Rome has spent the last 1,900+ years rebuilding itself in an attempt to destroy Jesus’ people/the ekklesia and reclaim this world.

Here is a photo of the bottom Southern-half of the plaque that is located to the West of the monument:

Diagram of the 8 languages on the 4 tablets.

These are the Guidestone Languages on the tablets:

  • Northwest: Russian and Chinese
  • Northeast: English and Spanish
  • Southeast: Swahili and Hindi (this was “bombed”)
  • Southwest: Arabic and Hebrew

The 2 North tablets are primarily White races and primarily political:

  • The Northwest tablet is Communism.
  • The Northeast tablet is Democracy.

The 2 South tablets are primarily Brown races and primarily religious (Jesus deniers):

  • The Southwest tablet is ancient: The Arabic language was named after the ancient Arabs; the TRUE Jews were light-brown-skinned and spoke Hebrew.
  • The Southeast tablet is Swahili (spoken by modern-day Islam) and Hindi (the modern-day language of India).
  • Both the Jews and the Muslims deny Jesus Christ.

Freemasons use opposites: Above, below. Black, white. Order, chaos. Light, darkness. In the tablets, we see the following:

  • Strong iron, weak clay.
  • Communism, democracy.
  • Arabs, Jews.
  • Iron-fisted Islam, democratic India.

WE ARE HERE: White/Zionists/Rome + Brown/Jews/Islam = The New World Order. This has been under construction since Jesus used the Romans to wipe out the apostate Jews in 70 AD, and then used the Arabs (now Islam) to wipe out the Roman Empire in 476 AD. And remember that Catholicism created Islam — Islam is Catholicism for Arabs (details here).

Fourteen months after 9-11, Dr. Henry Madow stated the following: “By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious rule.” He also quotes Dr. John Coleman who states: “The Muslim Brotherhood is a secret Freemason order set up by the great names of British Middle East Intelligence, T.E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell and St. John Philby to “keep the Middle East backward so its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted” (source here). Here, we see how the Zionist new world order has setup both Islam and the United States to fail and come under their Communist rule.

Also important is what language is missing on the tablets: LATIN. The Papacy has set themselves up as God and believe they are God — they are not represented on this monument of mankind because they believe they are above mankind. All priests (MANY of whom are Jews) are schooled using the Latin language, even today. Up until 1963/64, all Catholic Masses were still held in Latin! It is no coincidence that Latin did not appear on the monument that represents menial mankind…. the Jesuit antichrist who believes he is God thinks he is greater than human beings.

Sidenote: Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 warns us of a race of people who say they are Jews but are not and do lie, they are of the synagogue of Satan — these are people who appear righteous, appear to be God’s chosen; but are spiritually dead. Most are of Turkish or European ancestry. The 10 Northern Tribes of Israel were forced out and dispersed in ancient Greece (Hellas) in 721 BC which eventually became Rome (John 7:35). These Jews own and operate every major corporation and industry in the world: Media, big pharma, the education systems, the medical systems, tech companies, manufacturers, EVERYTHING. They ARE of the bloodline of the ancient 12 tribes of Jacob/Israel who were the true Jews before God scattered them to the 4 quarters of the earth — they have been “watered down” among all races. There is no longer Jew or Greek after the cross (Galatians 3:28, Colossians 3:11, 1 Corinthians 12:13) — the Jews literally became Greeks in 721 BC. Scripture tells us that not all who are Israel are OF Israel – Romans 9:6 (not all who appear as God’s people ARE God’s people).

The Church Age vs. the NWO

Since 70 AD, the stone of God’s kingdom has become a great mountain and has filled the entire world! We are in the Church Age under God’s grace through the shed blood of Jesus Christ which is a SPIRITUAL kingdom. And all the while, the apostate Jews have been slowly regaining control of the world system through the strength of Rome in an attempt to destroy the spiritual kingdom of God which destroyed them in 70 AD.

These pompous, evil people believe they are going to have another worldwide great reset like they have done many times in the past, but this complete worldwide takeover will elicit God’s wrath and destroy the entire world, just as He has done before (see Earth was Destroyed BEFORE this Present Creation).

God works for 6 days/thousand and rests for 1 day/thousand. Scholars estimate man was created in 4004 BC, so we have fulfilled 6 days/thousands and are already a few years into God’s rest day/thousand according to the Gregorian calendar. However, we’re also told we are only in the year 5783 (in 2023) according to the Jewish calendar (source here), so we would still have around 200 years left to go. The worlds many Jewish and Roman antichrists have changed times and laws (Daniel 7:25) in an attempt to keep God’s elect from recognizing the seasons (details here and here).

The Great Tribulation has been fulfilled twice. The first time was the 3 1/2 years which occurred before the 42-month wrath of Jesus Christ on those who pierced Him from late-66 to early-70 AD (Revelation 1:7) — this destroyed the Sanhedrin, their 2nd temple, and their city Jerusalem (details here). This ended the Old Covenant physical kingdom of the old heaven/government (Jewish Sanhedrin) and old earth (those under apostate Jewish law), and brought in the new heaven/government (Christ’s reign) and new earth (citizens under grace) under the New Covenant spiritual kingdom (see New Heaven & New Earth is Not What We’ve Been Taught).

The second “major” tribulation happened under the New Covenant from 538-1798 AD…. that was the world rule of the Roman Papacy (source here). It was 1,260 years, when applying the “day is a year” principle of 2 Peter 3:8. But the Roman Empire was persecuting God’s elect from 70-313 AD (source), and the Eastern world — 60% of the countries on earth — severely persecutes Christians today (source). We are told that each one of us will “through MUCH tribulation” enter the kingdom of God… this is for all of God’s elect throughout the entire church age (Acts 14:22).

It is HIGHLY likely there will be a third and final tribulation because Scripture says that God requires “2 or 3 witnesses” to events to execute authority (2 Corinthians 13:1, Matthew 18:16). The final tribulation on God’s chosen, the ekklesia, will trigger God’s wrath on those who implemented the new world order. We may see a third world war, probably between Israel/Khazarian Jews and Islam/Middle-Easterners, but Christ’s bride could literally be taken up at any moment because they are not appointed to God’s wrath. The second tribulation was done by Jewish-Roman antichrists according to God’s will for the refinement of His people, but the third and last say will be done by God to end Satan’s rule of this world for good. While there is no “pre-trib” rapture; there is a “pre-wrath” rapture (see The Three Raptures of the Church — all 3 are documented in Scripture).

Earth’s 3 Great Tribulations:

  1. Early-63 to Late-66: The Great Tribulation for God’s elect (see The Jewish-Roman War & the Two Witnesses in the Great Tribulation) — this triggered the wrath of Jesus Christ. Late-66 to early-70 AD: Jesus’ wrath on those who pierced Him. Jesus came in the clouds as a warrior and empowered the Roman Army to end the apostate Jewish rule. In turn, the Roman Empire was then taken down by Arabs in 476 AD.
  2. 530-1798 AD: The Jewish-Roman kingdom headed by the Papacy took revenge on Jesus for His 70 AD wrath by torturing and slaughtering tens of millions of saints. They will receive God’s wrath which will end their world kingdom.
  3. Future: There may be a final tribulation of God’s elect if the NWO tries to enforce the Noahide Laws which IS a U.S. Government Law (details here). Father God WILL return as a warrior to pour out His wrath on the earth, ending Satan’s Jewish-Roman world kingdom for good. Jesus Christ will catch up the spirits of the righteous living to Him and the spirits of the church age martyrs in the clouds (see Distinguishing Jesus’ Past Comings from the Future Coming in Scripture).

Mystery Babylon is the harlot which is “that great city” who rules over the kings of the earth — this was the Sanhedrin’s Jerusalem prior to 70 AD (details here), but in the modern-day, Babylon is the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. Before the end, she is going to be brought down by one of two factions: 1) By the Jesuits (who are Jews or Zionists) who are ready to be rid of the concept of a Messiah and His ekklesia; or 2) Islam, the Muslim Arabs. Scripture tells us this will cause all the world’s merchants (the wealthy) to weep (Revelation chapters 17-18) — the merchants ARE Jews so I am again leaning toward the Arabs confiscating the Vatican’s wealth (don’t underestimate them – this has been God’s pattern throughout history… Arabs persecute Rome). This taking down will probably be the trigger for the 3rd world war — those who were operating under the Vatican (Jews, Jesuits, America) are going to want to re-establish their means of gaining wealth (it will never happen). This will be the last period of God’s wrath on the earth and God’s elect will not suffer through this.

Be aware of what is going on, but please do not dwell on it. This information is to prevent you from being spiritually deceived by false Christians and the antichrist world system…. not all Christians are true Christians (details here). Keep it on the back burner and give the worry to God.

If You Need a Church

If this article has upset you, consider yourself as one of the fortunate ones — God has opened your eyes to the deception. You have been given the opportunity to seek Jesus Christ, repent of worldly ways, get out of Mystery Babylon and ultimately escape the second death lake of fire. God is calling you to repent and come into the saving grace of His Son…. please respond with all of the gifts and abilities that God has given you (article: Do You Truly Know Jesus?).

Before considering a church house, please read this article which explains how Satan is working among the members in today’s churches. Also read this article to see how Satan is working among church leadership.

And please understand that Catholicism is FALSE Christianity and their cathedrals are to be avoided. Catholics practice idolatry and spiritual adultery which could not be done by one who is indwelt with the Holy Spirit — details here, here and here. God commands Catholics to “come out of her my people” or they will partake in her sins and receive her plagues (Revelation 18:4) — those who do not come out of her are NOT God’s set-apart saints. God called the House of Jacob/Israel His people as well, but He had them destroyed, blinded and scattered for their apostasy. We should be witnessing to Catholics to save their souls; not calling them Christians.

Every church house that is not Catholic has some of God’s people in them, but there is only ONE denomination whose members know who the end times enemy is, and that is the Seventh-Day Adventist Church (and most independent 7th day groups). It is in the SDA denomination where you are going to find the proper and best support from fellow brethren during these last days. Their members do not practice pagan holidays, they aren’t Zionists, and are a good group to fellowship with, but their pastors may be an issue because Jews and Jesuits will lie about their identity to infiltrate institutions (and the SDA church are certainly under attack by their own upper echelon).

Most SDA churches will not require you to join as an “official member” because that is entering into an agreement with a Jesuit-influenced ecumenical organization (source here). THE TRUE CHURCH ARE THE INDIVIDUALS, NOT THE ORGANIZATION OR THE BRICK BUILDING.

Each SDA church is completely different from the next one. Some regard the writings of Ellen White to be as high as scripture which is a cult group to be avoided (with a Jew or Jesuit pastor, I am certain), but most SDA congregations are not like that. However, if you do not believe in Ellen G. White’s writings, you will only be a frequent visitor in their church and never allowed to teach or be a full-on member (but it’s desirable to avoid the membership). ELLEN G. WHITE IS/WAS A FALSE PROPHET — proofs here, and an excellent video discussion here (start at timestamp 01:17:00).

Also understand that going in, some SDAs will not consider you a Christian if you eat pork, shrimp or catfish. They also misinterpret the mark of the beast in a huge way. ALL religious denominations teach some false doctrines — here is a list of some of the ones taught by the SDAs. And here is a list of popular Protestant false doctrines.

Whatever church you choose, the goal should be to meet like-minded brethren and start a non-incorporated fellowship. Religious denominations are organized corporations in bed with the government and are influenced and controlled by the Antichrist… all of them are uniting under one universal religion, and the ones that have yet to join the Pope (Independent Fundamentalist Baptists, Southern Baptists, any group with a Mason pastor) are hardcore Zionists which is blasphemy against God (details here).

Christians should NOT support the antichrist nation state of Israel! Please read details here. God says there is no longer Jew nor Greek after the cross (Galatians 3:28, Colossians 3:11), and His presence is no longer in buildings made with hands (Acts 7:48 & 17:24) — His kingdom is spiritual and is WITHIN His elect… our bodies are the 3rd temple (1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19-20; 2 Corinthians 6:16, Ephesians 2:22).

The highest tier of the SDA Church has been overtaken… they have joined with the Jesuit Pope and they give a portion of their members’ money to the Jesuit Pope. The Jesuits are the 2 horns on the Beast of the Earth in Revelation 13:11-18. The SDA’s incorrectly label the United States as the Beast of the Earth, but D.C. is only one-third of the beast system.

The Antichrist wears the star of Remphan, also used by Muslims and the evil 1948 nation state of Israel (info here and here). Note the red Knights of Malta cross.

THE CONTROLLING FACTION ARE THE JESUITS, MOST OF WHOM ARE CABALIST JEWS (source here), operating through Vatican City — their agenda kicked into high gear in 2013 when the Papacy installed its first Jesuit white Pope. Just be aware of this going in to an SDA church, or ANY church…. if they vocally became anti-Jesuit or anti-Zionist, they would probably be completely shut down — this is because they have an agreement with the Jewish-Roman government through their incorporated tax-exempt status, and their top-tier signed the ecumenical one-world-religion agreement with the Vatican in January 2020 (source here), just like most of the world’s religious denominations have done. Church houses sacrifice truth to keep the wallets coming back week after week — they are all a CORPORATION and a business FIRST.

UPDATE: There was a rumor started on July 9, 2022 that the current Jesuit white Pope is considering resigning. This has since been disproved. UPDATE 2: The Pope is still hinting at retirement due to “health issues” (article here). However, if we ever see a new Pope appointed in the future, the Jesuits aren’t going anywhere but will come back wearing a non-Jesuit mask.

Jesuits don’t always identify themselves. Read the Jesuit Oath HERE and you will see that they pretend to be Protestants, Jews, etc., to infiltrate different institutions (their initial purpose was to take down Protestantism and bring them into agreement with the seat of Satan’s throne, the Roman Catholic Church – source here). The Synagogue of Satan now has complete control over the Roman Catholic Church to complete their world takeover and won’t give it up to a non-Jesuit.

“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…”

Napoleon I (Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; emperor of the French)
Even apostate John Adams knew the truth.
Ignatius Loyola with his Jewish heritage founded the Society of Jesus/the Jesuits in 1532 (source here).

Who Is Taking Down America?

No one. The America we know is a fairy tale… it’s never existed, and our brainwashed minds are just starting to notice the truth because the demons are coming out of their closet.

This 30-minute video by Adventist Pastor Walter Veith explains the who and the why.

America since 1776 is a Jesuit-created LIE (must read this). Every government and federal-level organization in it, is a LIE. Every federal and most state-level politicians in it, are a LIE. Their form of “Christianity” is a LIE. They have a script, written hundreds of years ago, and they are just playing their roles.

33rd-degree Freemason Manly P. Hall states: “Not only were many of the founders of the United States Government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe, which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and a particular purpose known only to the initiated few” (source book, pg. 260).

The founding of Catholic Zionist America in 1776 was to GET RID OF the true Christian Protestants who were already living on the land, and send their sons off to die in senseless wars that the Jesuits created. Americans were bred to be soldiers to take down other countries so Jesuit Catholic Zionists could take over the world and bring it under Communism and ecumenicism/one world religion (details here).

The 1776 America and it’s apostate sister, the 1948 nation-state of Israel, were founded to be the war machine and the intelligence agency used to set up the synagogue of Satan, the Jesuit Zionist Roman Catholic Church, as controllers of the world (details here). Jewish-Rome took over the Christian Church of England 13 American colonies that had escaped to North America to get away from Rome, and now Rome is controlled by Jesuits (must read the Preface of this 1888 pdf book — it can be purchased on Amazon here)… they’re all Jews or Zionists.

Note: 13 is a number of occult mysticism, so I am now doubtful that true Christians were the first to come to the Americas from England… this all seems to be a slow takeover of the world by evil men driven by Satan, and they hide behind a Christianity label to fool the masses into complying with their agenda. We’ve seen the logo “76” inside a circle of 13 stars — 7+6=13… we have a 13 inside of a 13… nothing is a coincidence.

America’s masonic Founding Fathers denounced Christ in their speeches and embraced Deist Enlightenment (sources here, here, here, here and here). The 1776 United States was NEVER FOUNDED ON JESUS CHRIST, and those who do not know the Son do not have the Father (1 John 2:23).

The U.S.’s Great Seal was adopted in 1787 and is an occult symbol based in ancient Egyptian mysticism (details here and here).

America took down their own twin towers and had 9-11 planned FAR in advance — see this quick video. Daddy Bush announced the new world order on September 11, 1991, and the towers came down 10 years later to the very day (see the first few minutes of this video).

Washington D.C.’s former name was literally ROME, Maryland/virgin Mary land (source here). See how D.C. is a mirror of the seat of Satan’s throne, the Vatican, HERE. The very layout of D.C. is an owl which points to the false god Moloch, and is Masonic occultism in its design — see photos of the layout in this forum post… it is a VERY interesting discussion.

AMERICA IS JEWISH-ROME and has been since they claimed it in 1776. The July 4 celebrations are just big parties for the Jesuit Catholic Zionist Jewish NWO controllers who are about to come down hard on the “common people.”

If you are a Freemason, you are supporting a world takeover by the synagogue of Satan. You cannot be a true Christian AND a Zionist!

A full one-third of American pastors — most are Freemasons — believe you can get into heaven by just being a good person and do not need our Savior Jesus Christ (September 2022 survey here). The 1776 American nation has NEVER been Christian, EVER (hard PROOF here). Thankfully, our salvation is on an individual basis through a personal relationship with Father God through His Son, Jesus Christ…. do you know Him? -(info here)

Not all Christians are true Christians — see this excellent article.

The NWO Players

After much mind-numbing research, I’ve tied all of the New World Order players to one another in a way that explains how all of this is working to end the lie that is the America that we know, and thus hand over the world and the United States to a Communist regime.

Here is a hierarchical graph with the names of some of the organizations from which they operate:

And here is another that puts the Illuminati Eye and the Crown at the top of the pyramid:

The Illuminati Pyramid
Image Credit:

Both graphs are correct. They are all tied together.

Here is the quick summary with links for further research:

The great and terrible beast in Daniel chapter 7 — earth’s 4th kingdom/Jewish-Rome — was set up by the Jewish Sanhedrin which absorbed all former antichrist empires into itself (Greecian mythology, Media-Persia/Middle-East, Babylon, Egypt, Assyria) and became Rome (full study here).

Ancient Jewish-Rome became the great Roman Empire in 27 AD.

When the Roman Empire collapsed in 476 AD, the Papacy was able to take civil/political and religious power by 538 AD (details here which describes the modern-day man of sin; the first man of sin is explained here). This began the final phase of the Jewish-Roman kingdom, the iron and clay feet, when the stone of God’s kingdom arrived, Jesus Christ who broke the iron, causing broken fragmented pieces of clay (study is here).

IMPORTANT: Rightly divide the Word because there are dual fulfillments in Scripture (Ecclesiastes 1:9)! The president of the Great Sanhedrin, with the support of the Roman Emperor at the time, fulfilled the Little Horn man of sin, son of perdition in Daniel 7 prior to 70 AD (study is here). The modern-day antichrist leader, man of sin has been fulfilled by the office of the Pope since 538 AD (proofs here, here and here).

Synagogue-of-Satan-Jews, like George Soros with his Holocaust activities of helping to capture righteous Jews, have been killing off anyone who they believe may come from God’s righteous seed line (those who do not deny His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ). These evil Jews despise humanity and fall under many names (Khazars, Marranos, Ashkenazis, etc) — they are all Talmudic, Kabbalist Jews-who-are-not that Jesus warns us about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. They are the genetic Israel who are not OF spiritual Israel (Romans 9:6). They created Zionism so the world would worship them and support their antichrist 1948 nation state of Israel (info here).

These Jews are just a form of British imperialism, as explained in this exceptional article. The Rothschilds are Ashkenazi Jews who are Turks, and they OWN the 1948 nation state of Israel and the central banking system that has ruined all countries on this earth (details here).

The 10 Northern Tribes of Israel were conquered by Assyria and drove into the land of Hellas/ancient Greece in 721 BC (John 7:35). They married and had Greek children, then that land later became Rome. The apostate Jews are Greek and Roman and are dispersed in all races today… truly “scattered” as scripture says (Zechariah 7:14).

The Jews created the Society of Jesus, known as the Jesuits, in 1532 within the Roman Catholic Church (source here) — this fact is fiercely denied because this is the connection they do not want the world to know. MANY of the first Popes and Cardinals were Jews (source here). All those who make up the seat of Satan’s throne are Jews or Zionists who operate out of the Catholic Church and Catholic educational systems (Revelation 17).

The Jewish Kabbalist “Illuminati” created the Communist Chinese Party to gain control of China. The colonial elite rules China for the Illuminati (source here). states that “the Chinese elite is a merger between Communist leadership, Hong Kong tycoons, and the criminal Triads.” The leaders of China back the NWO because they feel they were given a role in creating it (source here). And I’m sure they are ignorant to the fact that the Kabbalist Talmudic Jewish people are NOT God’s people.

Trump and Putin are both closely tied to Chabad-Lubavitch Jews (details on their NWO roles here; video here). They are Zionists. The Papacy are Zionists. The East/West conflict is fake and has been for a very long time — details here.

The Freemasons (founded in 1717) are a branch off of the Knights of Malta WHICH ALSO CAME OUT OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH in 1113 AD. The bible tells us that the Roman Catholic Church is the mother of all harlots and has many daughters (includes all secret societies and apostate church houses who support Catholicism and Zionism).

The Oath of the Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta and Rhodes Scholars isn’t much different from the vile Jesuit Oath. You can read the extract of the Congressional Record of the House of Representatives dated February 15, 1913, where the oath is entered as purported to be of the Knights of Columbus — it is here.

Interestingly, in January 2017, Pope Francis ordered the purge of Freemasons from the Knights of Malta (source here). This makes zero sense because they are two sides of the same coin… they serve the same false god and take similar oaths. Once a Knight of Malta, I don’t see how they could expel their own?

Skull and Bonesmen are also Knights of Malta and Freemasons, and they are all Zionists or Jews. Alfonso Taft (father of President William Taft) co-founded Skull and Bones in 1823.  He was a Freemason.

THE MODERN-DAY KNIGHTS OF MALTA ARE PRIMARILY JESUITS or work for them (see their connection here). They are the militia of the Pope (they ARE the Antichrist Papacy since 2013). Here is their plan to end the American LIE and eventually the world.

Knights of Malta members to note regarding the implementation of the NWO: Ronald Reagan, fake Alzheimer’s patient Joe Biden (he monitored Obama, not vice versa), George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani (9-11), Nelson Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, Amschel Mayer von Rothschild, Queen Elizabeth II, and many others. Source lists here and here. Interestingly, Trump’s Vice-President, Mike Pence, is not listed as being in any Secret Society, but he is from an Illuminati high royal bloodline along with Trump and Hillary (source here). Trump, however, was made an honorary 33rd degree Freemason in 2015 before he announced his run for president (that info has since been scrubbed from the internet).

All U.S. presidents are related — my independent sources for this fact keep getting taken down (sources here and here; video here).

Keep in mind, MOST OF THESE KNIGHTS OF MALTA JESUITS ARE ALSO SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN JEWS, or their zealot Zionist agents. The apostate Jews who God scattered to the 4 winds of the earth (source here), were here long before Roman Catholicism — they were present from the creation of the world and seen in Babylon where they were sacrificing their firstborn children to Molech (source here). Most of today’s Jews are Khazarian which are Turks (explained here).

In the graph above, all of the groups named in the 9 colored boxes ARE HEADED AND RAN BY KABBALIST JEWS (info here).

MOST IMPORTANT TO SEE is the Zionist-Jesuit Connection and their rising out of Roman Catholicism which is false Christianity. Please read this article for details.

The Pope has removed “Vicar of Christ” (substitute for Christ) from his title in April 2020, because he sees himself as THE God (proofs here and here) and also to make way for a fake Jewish messiah…. because the Pope IS a Jesuit who ARE Zionists and/or the apostate Jews (British Imperialism) and their agents. Get it??

There are a lot of paid propaganda-pushing fake white-supremacist-acting extremist morons out there hollering “it’s da joos!!” This is to label anyone who sees the truth of the evil apostate Jewry plan, as a white supremacist, a violent extremist, or anti-Semite (hater of Jews). There is a lot of truth in that phrase “To know your enemy, find out who you are not allowed to talk about.” Truth is, these Jews wouldn’t have control if they had not subverted (or, I believe, FOUNDED) the Roman Catholic Church — they needed a form of false Christianity to get behind because even the masses of deceived mainstream Christians understand that those who do not profess the shed blood of Jesus Christ are antichrists.


AND FINALLY…. the Jewish-Romans (now America) have ALWAYS used Arabs/Muslims throughout history to persecute Christians. We will probably see this again when they decide to take down America to get rid of those who are not of them (info here). America is full of Jesuits, Catholics, synagogue-of-Satan-Jews and their families — those American citizens who are not of them are the brave, strong and courageous with backbones…. these are the TRUE AMERICANS who they sent off to be killed in senseless wars over the past century, and who they are still seeking to suppress under the Jesuit Oath with their New World Order, which will include an ecumenical one-world religion based on the Noahide Laws and enforced by the Catholic church (details here). In turn, God has always used the Arabs to persecute Rome for slaughtering His children.

He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

Revelation 13:10

YouTube Videos:

Research Links

I firmly believe that all of this is being brought into the light because they know the end is nigh. They are wanting every individual on earth to choose a side: Jewish-Roman Jesuit Masonic Secret Society Deist Enlightenment worldly Zionist false Christianity; or Jesus Christ.

PLEASE SEEK TRUTH AND NOT CLING TO A BELIEF that you heard taught in a church house. Everyone educated in a seminary school learned Zionism and was trained by Jesuits or Zionists! A full one-third of pastors in the U.S. believe you can get into heaven just by being a good person, and do not need our Messiah Jesus Christ!! – (Sept. 2022 survey here)

Please print out the articles that you want to have available to reference in the future, including the ones on this website… sites are being suspended/taken down. God bless.

Additional Resources

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Free book: The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order by Jacopo Leone. The digital version can be downloaded in many forms here, or you may wish to purchase a paper copy from Amazon here.

RE: The Pope

The Pope is Elevated as God: Article 1 and Article 2.

Article: The Revelation 13 Antichrist Beast is the Papacy Article: “Pope Elevates Himself to Title of False Prophet!” Article: “Pope Francis: I’m Not the Vicar of Christ or Successor of the Apostles!”

NBC News Article: “Big business gets its wings as leaders from major U.S. companies partner with Pope Francis” New World Order big business now has WINGS that will be cut off once the Jesuits destroy Mystery Babylon.

RE: Islam

Article: “Roman Catholicism Created Islam”

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RE: The Freemasons

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Video: How to Witness to a Mason (start at 8:00 mark)

Print resources: The publications of David & Donna Carrico are a must read if you know a mason or are one.

Freemasonry is a Luciferian society, and many of it’s lower-degree masons (most of our law enforcement and pastors in the U.S.) are unaware of the evil to which they have sworn an oath. They are the enforcers and gatekeepers of the antichrist beast system. God will not accept a sworn oath-keeper/idolater into His heavenly kingdom — read Matthew 5:33-37.

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