Identification of Antichrist, False Prophet & Mystery Babylon

Transcriber/Author: Michele at ScriptureStudy.Guide
Posted: June 23, 2022
. Updated December 21, 2022.

The Beasts of Revelation have morphed over time. Details here.

The Little Horn man of sin arrived prior to 70 AD: Details here and here.

The Church Age Antichrist has been here since 476 AD: Details here and here.

The Church Age False Prophet is the Jesuits, the black and white Popes: Details here and here.

Mystery Babylon is false Christianity run by the Roman Catholic Church and the Kabbalist Talmudic Jews: Details here and here.

The Two Witnesses were here during the Great Tribulation before Jesus’ second coming. Details here.

Jesus’ Second Coming was from late-66 to early-70 AD. Details here.

God will return in wrath to destroy the elemental earth. Details here.

The Millennial Reign is happening now, it isn’t future. Details here and here.

The stone of Jesus Christ that crushed all earthly kingdoms came in 31 AD. Explained here.

To clearly see how the NWO system correlates with biblical prophecy, and to find out who is taking down America, see this article.

We have been deceived.

Those who are controlling the “new world order” have made us believe that the book of Daniel was about our future. That has caused us to misunderstand Revelation which is why there are so many interpretations of it flying around out there. But worst of all, misunderstanding Daniel is denying the PROOFS of the deity of Jesus Christ. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS. If you are one with eyes to see, it will clear up SO MUCH for you.

Article: The 70 Weeks of Daniel were Fulfilled in 34 AD

Website: 70th Week of Daniel

Website: The Olivet Discourse Deception

May God richly bless you and your studies of His inspired Word.

Suggested Resources

RE: The Jesuits, the evil “Society of Jesus”

MUST READ: The Jesuits Founded America to Use as their War Machine

Excellent 1888 Book (pdf): Washington in the Lap of Rome by Justin D. Fulton, D. D.

Article: The Jesuit / Zionist Connection

Comprehensive article: The Jesuit Oath & all about the Jesuits

Article: The Jesuits are the Revelation 13 false prophet Earth Beast

Part 1: Loyola and His Jesuits
Part 2: Where Did New Age Christianity Come From?

Free book: The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order by Jacopo Leone. The digital version can be downloaded in many forms here, or you may wish to purchase a paper copy from Amazon here.

RE: The Pope

Article: The Revelation 13 Antichrist Beast is the Papacy Article: “Pope Elevates Himself to Title of False Prophet!” Article: “Pope Francis: I’m Not the Vicar of Christ or Successor of the Apostles!”

NBC News Article: “Big business gets its wings as leaders from major U.S. companies partner with Pope Francis” New World Order big business now has WINGS that will be cut off once the Jesuits destroy Mystery Babylon.

RE: Islam

Article: “Roman Catholicism Created Islam”

MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Roman Catholic Church Created Islam

RE: The Freemasons

MUST READ: The Zionist State of Israel in Revelation

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Everything You Know About Freemasonry Is Wrong

Video: Are Freemasons Satanic?

Video: How to Witness to a Mason (start at 8:00 mark)

Print resources: The publications of David & Donna Carrico are a must read if you know a mason or are one.

Freemasonry is a Luciferian society, and many of it’s lower-degree masons (most of our law enforcement and many pastors in the U.S.) are unaware of the evil to which they have sworn an oath. They are the enforcers and gatekeepers of the antichrist beast system. God will not accept a sworn oath-keeper/idolater into His heavenly kingdom — read Matthew 5:33-37.

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