2300 Days is Not in Daniel 8

Author: Michele at ScriptureStudy.Guide
Posted: January 6, 2023.
Updated May 16, 2023.

The English translators of God’s inspired word have made an addition to the original text that has completely misguided everyone’s interpretation of the 2300 days bible prophecy. The word “two” is not in Daniel 8:14 at all.

In this word study, I want to show a crystal clear example of how the synagogue of Satan has changed God’s word to push their false end times story line.

Daniel 8:11-14

I am going to write exactly what Daniel 8:11-14 says in the original Chaldee which was translated to Hebrew (Chaldee was the Aramaic vernacular that was the original language of some parts of the Old Testament). Bracketed words are my own added for clarification.

Note: The word “sanctuary” is two different words in this passage:

  • H6944 means “set-apartness, holiness, sacredness, separateness.” This has a spiritual meaning.
  • H4720 means “sacred place, sanctuary, holy place.” This refers to an actual building.

It’s very interesting to search the word sanctuary in the KJV+ Bible in eSword and compare how each of the words are used, especially in the book of Ezekiel.

Daniel 8:11

KJV translation:

Yea, he magnifiedH1431 himself even toH5704 the princeH8269 of the host,H6635 and byH4480 him the dailyH8548 sacrifice was taken away,H7311 and the placeH4349 of his sanctuaryH4720 was cast down.H7993 

Original text:

11He magnified even to the Prince [Jesus] of the [holiness] host on account of continuity [Sanhedrin law] being exalted, and foundation of his building being cast down.

  • This is speaking of the literal physical temple that was rendered useless in 31 AD when God tore the veil revealing He was no longer there. The foundational purpose of the temple was destroyed. God ruined the temple with Jesus Christ/the Gospel/the torn veil.
  • Nothing is being “taken away” in this verse like the English bible translations say. It is being “exalted; lifted up” (H7311).
  • ‘Daily’ is defined as “continuity, perpetuity, stretch.” No daily is being taken away.
  • ‘Continuity’ is a masculine noun and not an adjective, so it is a thing of its own standing. It is the continuation of the Sanhedrin law which provided food and the ability to buy and sell to those who took their physical mark.
  • ‘Holiness’ is implied here because verse 14 tells us it is what the host is (i.e. holy; sacred; set-apart).
  • The Sanhedrin Nasi Iron Fist prince (info here) magnified himself as greater than Christ because he wanted to continue controlling people by the law, and because he was angry about God demonstrating to the masses that he left the apostate Jews and their temple.

Italicized words in the KJV indicates the word is not in the original text — but they only do this some of the time. But here, we can see we aren’t talking about animal sacrifices. The daily is the continuation of their Sanhedrin law and government (details here).

Daniel 8:12

KJV translation:

And an hostH6635 was givenH5414 him againstH5921 the dailyH8548 sacrifice by reason of transgression,H6588 and it cast downH7993 the truthH571 to the ground;H776 and it practised,H6213 and prospered.H6743 

Original text:

12A [holiness] host was given over to the continuity [Sanhedrin] rebellion [that] cast down true doctrine [of grace/Gospel] to the ground, and it practiced and prospered.

  • ‘Holiness’ is implied as it is what the host is in verse 14.
  • The host wasn’t given “against”; it was given over to — forced to abide by the old law that was already fulfilled in Christ.
  • Rebellion is a better translation of H6588 than transgression because it is a literal rebellion against Messiah Jesus and His ending their old heaven (Sanhedrin government) and their old earth (all those under their law) – details here.
  • The truth that was cast down was the true doctrines of Jesus Christ.

Daniel 8:13b

KJV translation:

…..How longH5704 H4970 shall be the visionH2377 concerning the dailyH8548 sacrifice, and the transgressionH6588 of desolation,H8074 to giveH5414 both the sanctuaryH6944 and the hostH6635 to be trodden under foot?H4823 

Original text:

13…..How long [will be the] vision of continuity [of old law] rebellion that [physically and spiritually] desolates to give holiness host as a trampling place? 

  • The word ‘sanctuary’ here appears to be spiritual (H6944) – it means “set-apart, holiness, sacredness.” [H4720 is the actual sanctuary building.]
  • Continuity is the practice of the old law through which people are given food and allowed to buy and sell. People had a literal, physical mark of the beast back then (details here). Today’s mark is spiritual (details here).
  • Their rebellion against Christ spiritually desolates the people.
  • We see the host is the “set-apart holiness.” The word sanctuary here is their physical body and not the stone building.
  • The sanctuary building was never “being trodden under foot” — the set-apart saints became the literal trampling place by the Sanhedrin law and their followers.
  • The set-apart holy host became a trampling place because they refused to put the old law in the place of Jesus Christ… they refused the mark of the beast.

Daniel 8:14

KJV translation:

And he saidH559 untoH413 me, UntoH5704 two thousandH505 and threeH7969 hundredH3967 days;H6153 H1242 then shall the sanctuaryH6944 be cleansed.H6663 

Original text:

14He said to [me], up to thousand three hundred evenings and mornings [will] holiness be justified/made right. 

  • There is no number “two” in the verse at all!!  [But will bible teachers stop parroting “2300 days!” when you point this out to them?? Nope. They enjoy their fictional storytelling more than Truth.]
  • There is no stone building sanctuary here either (and rightly so). 
  • This is 1,300 literal days, at best. It could also be translated as “a company of 300.”
  • Nothing tangible is being “cleansed” here — that’s an apostate Jewish dream. The people’s hearts, not a building, are being “justified” for their sins, and “made right” after being trampled by the synagogue of Satan Jews.

So here we see that God’s holy, set-apart people went through a period of refining fire for 1,300 days which was 40 days longer than the 1,260-day Great Tribulation (details on that event is here).

They are Hiding True Biblical History

The word thousand, H505, is the EXACT SAME word as H504 which means “cattle; oxen; company.” They just created H505 to have a number where there is no number, saying an oxen is the first letter of the Greek alphabet (but we’re in Hebrew/Chaldee here) and that letter means “one” which somehow morphed into the number 1,000. I have a full study on the word “thousand” in the bible which can be found within the article here.

Note the word “two” is not italicized and is not in the original text, and I’ve checked the KJV+ Bible in eSword, the Blue Letter Bible, and Bible Hub’s NASB Lexicon, Hebrew, and Interlinear Bibles. IT’S NOT THERE. The number two was literally dreamed up and inserted in there CENTURIES ago by some translator with an agenda.

Worse, the 1599 Geneva, the 1611 KJ, and the Young’s Literal Translation all have “two” in the verse — ALL the English bibles use “two thousand three hundred” or “twenty-three hundred” (see them all on one page on BibleGateway here).

One of two things have happened:

  1. They have changed ALL of our Interlinear Bibles that we have access to (I checked 5 of them).
  2. Or every English bible translation was mostly copied from some earlier version that inserted the number “two” in Daniel 8:14.

So either ALL of the interlinears are wrong, or ALL of the English bible translations are wrong.

Why go to such trouble to alter either ALL the interlinears or ALL the English bibles to add an additional thousand?? Because they are skewing the narrative.

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 (ESV)

My Interpretation of “2300”

Well, it’s obviously not 2300 days which would be about 6.3 Hebrew-calendar years.

I will give the translators the benefit of the doubt and use the phrase H505+H7969+H3967 as a number rather than “a company of 300.” My personal interpretation is that it is referring to 1,300 literal days/evenings and mornings.

God explains to us that one evening (H6153) plus one morning (H1242) is one day (Genesis 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31). Daniel 8:14 says there are H6153 and H1242 which total 1300. And we know these are days because they are not literal offerings or sacrifices.

We know these 1300 days are referring to some point in time between when the temple veil was torn by God in 31 AD, and before Jesus’ second coming in late-66 AD. These 1300 days would have been during the Great Tribulation from early-63 up to the point that they finished their journey to the mountains in late-66 AD. The Great Tribulation happened to God’s people (early-63 to late-66) and was immediately followed by God’s wrath on the wicked (late-66 to early-70). See The Jewish-Roman War & the Two Witnesses in the Great Tribulation.

Another Blatant Example of Skewing Prophecy

The English translated bibles have also twisted the original language to make it appear that the Beast was given a deadly head wound that was healed. I can assure you, with Scripture, that no antichrist was healed of anything! Rather, they are hiding the fact that the synagogue-of-Satan-Beast served a deadly spiritual wound onto the people of the earth. Details here: A Deadly Wound was Served, NOT Healed!

How They Are Deceiving Us

The unbelievers (and even many believers!) don’t want you to realize that we are in a spiritual kingdom right now while on this earth. See:

They don’t want you to know that Jesus’ second coming was in 66 AD and we aren’t waiting on His kingdom to come in the future because it’s already here! See:

The synagogue of Satan Jews want to control the world by twisting the Scriptures and using it against the people to bring the world under the Noahide Laws and Communism. See:

And Satan himself is always using wicked men in an attempt to spiritually destroy us. See:

The Discouragement is Real

I’m furious that they have done this to our bibles.

I’m upset that people will not correct themselves when they see they have been deceived.

I’m hurt that no one cares what God’s TRUE inspired word actually says.

All is in Sovereign God’s will, so surely we are reaching the time of the end. All are deceived and even continue to perpetuate the lies after they find out what the lies are! It’s insanity…. mass delusion on a global scale. And a lot of people are actively working to protect the synagogue of Satan Jews (proof here and here).

When the Holy Spirit shows me something in God’s inspired Word, I get excited and desire other believers to experience the same blessing in their bible studies. We’re all shown different things at different times in our walk and sharing is a part of supporting our fellow brethren in Christ, and is a solid foundation to keep us all in Christ/the Word.

But people, including most Christians, are living the lie and enjoying it. The Lie is their normal existence in this world. They were trained by Religion Incorporated to be earth-bound, to be lovers of this elemental realm by looking forward to some future earthly fantasyland in Mr. & Miss Universe perfect flesh bodies. They are serving their ego and pride and saving face. They love telling their crazy false bible stories, turning God’s word into a science-fiction movie. They have turned their ears over to fables, or are just too lazy to give a flip. It’s frightening to witness… it truly is. I pray you, dear reader, are not one of those people.

Jesus Had a Backbone

Let me tell you something. Jesus was no pansy when it came to His Father’s truths. He called a spade a spade. He name-called when he called the Jews “Vipers!” He flipped over tables in the temple. He made a whip and chased the wolves out of His Father’s house. He regularly told Satan and his devils where to get off. He spoke PURE truth which made most people beyond uncomfortable. He was labeled a rebel in this fake world of vain appearances and prideful zealots and was hated for it. His words weren’t buttery or watered-down to appease the listener’s weak ears and tender feels. Truth is all He knew and all He lived. Yet no one loves as much as He. And no one can save like He can.

May God place the zeal for truth into your innermost being, and may you have the courage to stand up in Christ and for Christ in this antichrist world. All praise and glory to God the Most High for bringing us into His truths! Amen.

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