**Warning!** The Two Witnesses

Author: Michele at ScriptureStudy.Guide
Posted: December 21, 2022

We have reached the point in earth’s history where most Christians are looking for two individual witnesses – Moses and Elijah – to stand in front of the wall (or some ridiculous future pagan brick temple) in the physical city of Jerusalem blowing literal fire out of their mouths as a sign that the Great Tribulation is actually here. That is not going to happen, and if you see such nonsense, it’s a sign and wonder from the antichrist kingdom, hence the **Warning!** in this article’s title.

The Two Witnesses’ job was to establish the spiritual kingdom of Jesus Christ — the ekklesia/Church — on this earth. Historical records can actually place the Two Witnesses in Jewish-Rome before the second temple was destroyed in 70 AD. And Scripture helps us to identify who these two individual men were.

Please see this study for details:

The Jewish-Roman War and the Two Witnesses in the Great Tribulation

The stone of Jesus Christ crushed all of the Old Covenant/Old Testament kingdoms and brought in the New Covenant New Heaven and the New Earth. See:

Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue was the Old Testament Kingdoms

New Heaven & New Earth is Not What We’ve Been Taught

I love you all… may God richly bless you in your study of His inspired Word!

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